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Re: Theos-World Try to live the Objects of T S

Jul 19, 2009 12:14 PM
by MKR

Welcome to the mailing list.
Nice to see your message. We are interested in your books. Can you make them
available for download. I joined the TS as a member of Triplicane Lodge
years ago. I now live in the US.

Please keep us informed of the happenings at your end,  especially at

By the way, this mailing list is outside the control of any organization or
their leaders and this independence makes it possible to discuss anything
without fear or favor or censorship.
Please feel free to post anything you feel like.

MKR (Ramadoss)

On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 7:21 AM, mohansundarpandian <> wrote:

> Brothers
> I am connected with theosophy & T S for 40 years.
> Presently the President of Besant Lodge, Chennai.
> President Besant Lodge T O S Group, Chennai.
> I am a lawyer & B J P man.
> I have published two books.
> Presently about to publish two more books.
> My advice to theosophists is first live the objects of T S.
> Brotherhood is the first object.
> That is what the Masters recommend us.
> Meet people, smile at them, sincere in frienship, Love them.
> If you can do this then the next will follow suit.
> Pandian

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