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Re: Theos-World International President endorses Casteism as a Criterion for ...

Jul 18, 2009 09:01 AM
by Drpsionic

Ok, now we know what really happened to Radha.  KH took her on a ride  on 
the carpet and she fell off and hit her head.
Chuck the Heretic
In a message dated 7/18/2009 5:46:51 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Mrs Burnier,

Trust you have started to feel regret, remorse and  all those 
growth-oriented feelings. Some things i forgot to mention in my last  email [No subject] 
to you:

Did you see the latest issue of Wake Up  India? The contents page has a big 
blunder on it. Your name is mentioned for  the Editorial Article while the 
article was written by Mr Surendra Narayan. Of  course, the article has his 
name on it as does the 'About the Author' section,  but how could your 
Editor, Dr Geetha Jaikumar miss such an obvious error? I  now know why Dr A. 
Kannan thought that i had written irrelevant things in my  initial emails to you.

Actually, do you know there are common  definitions for everything you do? 
For example:

Putting your name on  someone else's hard work is called Plagiarism. Geetha 
Jaikumar and Subha  Nilakanta have been putting their name on Preethi's 
hard work. Of course, you  endorse their plagiarism, don't you?

Threatening people with  imprisonment so that they will not speak the truth 
and be dishonest is called  Hooliganism or in Hindi, Goondagardi. That is 
the usual language spoken by Mr  S. Harihara Raghavan, General Manager, TS.

Using fear to rule people is  called Dictatorship. That is the behaviour 
you follow with Federation  Secretaries, General Secretaries worldwide.

Following one rule for  Pedro Oliveira, one for Uma Nilakanta, and one for 
everyone else is called  favouritism.

And in the July 2009 issue of the Theosophist you have  also lied openly 
Mrs Burnier. In Theosophical Work around the World, you  mention that Mrs 
Linda Oliveira attended the 2008 Convention as international  Vice-President. 
That is a lie, Mrs Burnier, because Mrs Oliveira did not  attend the 2008 
international Convention. She was admitted in Isabelle  Hospital along with her 
husband, Mr Pedro Oliveira with a bad case of  Chikungunia during the entire 
period of the international Convention. They did  not get back from 
hospital till 5 January 2009, much after the Convention  period is over. Remember, 
Mrs Burnier, your pets Pedro and Linda did not even  get to address the 
convention gathering, even though their speeches were ready  and waiting at the 
Editorial Office.

In fact, when you illegally  appointed Mrs Linda Oliveira early in November 
2008 as IVP, the machines at  the Editorial Office put up a strong fight. 
The Nova Sheet printer converted  itself into a house for thousands of ants. 
It was an issue filled with breaks,  gaps, problems and obstacles of every 

And now see how, Mrs  Burnier, "Theosophists" can no longer have the 
privilege of having their  bodies exhumed on campus of Adyar. Dr Agarwal had his 
final rites not on  campus at Adyar, as past deceased Theosophists have had, 
but outside the  campus at Besant Nagar Electrical Crematorium, and C. 
Malathi's father at  Thiruvanmiyur Electrical Crematorium.

Why i am bringing all of this to  your and other members' attention is 
because you can kick out Preethi from her  home Adyar, but you cannot fight the 
Forces of Adyar, the Forces of Nature and  the Force of Life, who are all 
stronger than you or all your cronies put  together will ever be.

It is time for you to step down from your post  Mrs Burnier and to allow 
younger blood and younger generations to lead the TS,  someone more spiritual 
than you are; someone more Theosophical, united than  you are.

I was shocked to read your Watch-Tower Notes in the July 2009  issue of the 
Theosophist, where you stress so much on Brahminism as being the  criterion 
for a person to be accepted as a chela. So finally in your declining  
years, shall we say you have come back to your element and now are intending  to 
practise casteism in the form of offering chelaship to brahmins by birth?  
And who would be your most preferred candidate -- Subha Nilakanta or Harihara 

This is, indeed, shocking from someone who claims to be a  3rd-generation 
Theosophist. Shocking not only because of the casteist-flavour  of your 
statements in the Theosophist, but also because one would expect that  the head 
of the EST would know that chelaship or being a vehicle for the  Masters of 
the Wisdom has got nothing to do with birth but more to do with the  quality 
of the soul.

Recipients to this email/message, welcome to the  Brahminical Society of 
Mrs Radha Burnier, who fraudulently addresses herself  as the President of the 
Theosophical Society.


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