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Re: Theos-World International President endorses Casteism as a Criterion for Chelaship

Jul 18, 2009 06:52 AM
by MKR

You mention about final rites for Dr Agrawal. It is news to me. Can you
provide some more info as to when he passed away and also a brief background
of him?.
Also you can keep us informed of any interesting developments during your
long stay at Adyar.

On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 5:43 AM, seeker_preethi <>wrote:

> Dear Mrs Burnier,
> Trust you have started to feel regret, remorse and all those
> growth-oriented feelings. Some things i forgot to mention in my last email
> [No subject] to you:
> Did you see the latest issue of Wake Up India? The contents page has a big
> blunder on it. Your name is mentioned for the Editorial Article while the
> article was written by Mr Surendra Narayan. Of course, the article has his
> name on it as does the 'About the Author' section, but how could your
> Editor, Dr Geetha Jaikumar miss such an obvious error? I now know why Dr A.
> Kannan thought that i had written irrelevant things in my initial emails to
> you.
> Actually, do you know there are common definitions for everything you do?
> For example:
> Putting your name on someone else's hard work is called Plagiarism. Geetha
> Jaikumar and Subha Nilakanta have been putting their name on Preethi's hard
> work. Of course, you endorse their plagiarism, don't you?
> Threatening people with imprisonment so that they will not speak the truth
> and be dishonest is called Hooliganism or in Hindi, Goondagardi. That is the
> usual language spoken by Mr S. Harihara Raghavan, General Manager, TS.
> Using fear to rule people is called Dictatorship. That is the behaviour you
> follow with Federation Secretaries, General Secretaries worldwide.
> Following one rule for Pedro Oliveira, one for Uma Nilakanta, and one for
> everyone else is called favouritism.
> And in the July 2009 issue of the Theosophist you have also lied openly Mrs
> Burnier. In Theosophical Work around the World, you mention that Mrs Linda
> Oliveira attended the 2008 Convention as international Vice-President. That
> is a lie, Mrs Burnier, because Mrs Oliveira did not attend the 2008
> international Convention. She was admitted in Isabelle Hospital along with
> her husband, Mr Pedro Oliveira with a bad case of Chikungunia during the
> entire period of the international Convention. They did not get back from
> hospital till 5 January 2009, much after the Convention period is over.
> Remember, Mrs Burnier, your pets Pedro and Linda did not even get to address
> the convention gathering, even though their speeches were ready and waiting
> at the Editorial Office.
> In fact, when you illegally appointed Mrs Linda Oliveira early in November
> 2008 as IVP, the machines at the Editorial Office put up a strong fight. The
> Nova Sheet printer converted itself into a house for thousands of ants. It
> was an issue filled with breaks, gaps, problems and obstacles of every kind.
> And now see how, Mrs Burnier, "Theosophists" can no longer have the
> privilege of having their bodies exhumed on campus of Adyar. Dr Agarwal had
> his final rites not on campus at Adyar, as past deceased Theosophists have
> had, but outside the campus at Besant Nagar Electrical Crematorium, and C.
> Malathi's father at Thiruvanmiyur Electrical Crematorium.
> Why i am bringing all of this to your and other members' attention is
> because you can kick out Preethi from her home Adyar, but you cannot fight
> the Forces of Adyar, the Forces of Nature and the Force of Life, who are all
> stronger than you or all your cronies put together will ever be.
> It is time for you to step down from your post Mrs Burnier and to allow
> younger blood and younger generations to lead the TS, someone more spiritual
> than you are; someone more Theosophical, united than you are.
> I was shocked to read your Watch-Tower Notes in the July 2009 issue of the
> Theosophist, where you stress so much on Brahminism as being the criterion
> for a person to be accepted as a chela. So finally in your declining years,
> shall we say you have come back to your element and now are intending to
> practise casteism in the form of offering chelaship to brahmins by birth?
> And who would be your most preferred candidate -- Subha Nilakanta or
> Harihara Raghavan?
> This is, indeed, shocking from someone who claims to be a 3rd-generation
> Theosophist. Shocking not only because of the casteist-flavour of your
> statements in the Theosophist, but also because one would expect that the
> head of the EST would know that chelaship or being a vehicle for the Masters
> of the Wisdom has got nothing to do with birth but more to do with the
> quality of the soul.
> Recipients to this email/message, welcome to the Brahminical Society of Mrs
> Radha Burnier, who fraudulently addresses herself as the President of the
> Theosophical Society.
> Preethi

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