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Masquerade Mystery

Jul 17, 2009 09:36 PM
by MKR

Masquerade Mystery

Some of you may have seen a website administered by one S T Adelante which
is supposed to move theosophy forward. This person uses a UK yahoo address.
I have never heard of him in the theosophical circles in my many years of
association with TS. Nor we have seen him in Internet discussions. So I was
very curious who he was and hence sent him a email inquiring about him,  his
background and his interest/involvement with TS/Theosophy. I even invited
him to visit me and my friends in San Antonio if he visits my city. Lo and
behold, he is silent and no reply. Which is a red flag.
When you look at the material on it website (though you may recognize the
authors) and especially one by Betty Bland, where there were allegations of
machinations in the last election and even suggesting something was wrong
with the 1980 election when Radha defeated Rukmini, one wonders if the name
is a masquerade of one of the general council members who was behind the
attempt to defeat Radha in the last election.
By posting writings of what I call "organizational theosophists", it appears
to be an attempt to show that the writers may have an answer to move
theosophy into the future after the dismal situation brought about the
failed ultra secret attempt to disenfranchise all members and the general
council members seize the power to appoint the president, thus take over TS.

What is significant is that none of the real problems such as poor
membership recruitment and retention outside India, lack of transparency
(which is at the root of current crisis), need to apply theosophy at ground
level rather than talking about it at the cloud level are addressed. These
are issues that can only be tackled at the lodge and section level. Until
these are addressed, no amount of talk or keyboarding on Internet or
tampering with the rules is going to fix the current crisis.
Masquerade technique is not going to work, because no one will take
seriously anyone who does not have courage to put their name where their
mouth is. It only makes the masquerader a laughing stock.
Let us all have some fun at the on going theosophical masquerade.

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