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Looking to the Past to help move into future?

Jul 15, 2009 08:03 PM
by MKR

Looking to the Past to help move into future?
Let us take a look at the early days of TS. Both HPB and HSO did not have
much money and were on a very tight budget. Travel was difficult. Living
conditions in India were hard, and food were totally foreign. In such
conditions, the growth of TS was phenomenal. While they had the priceless
privilege of continuous counsel and advise from the Inner Founders, the hard
work was done by them.
Even before they left for India, HPB and HSO's correspondences were
published in newsmedia and other publications. So they kept a public profile
for the TS and the issues relating to spiritualism. In all their writings
and correspondence, they did not hide under pseudonyms to avoid personal
responsibility for their statements.
When you look at the phenomenal growth of TS in India, the first key factor
was they personally visited many key cities all over the country. Travel was
by train, horse and bullock drawn carriages. They did not stay in five star
hotels serving American and Russian cuisine. They  stayed wherever the local
members accommodated them and ate whatever local food was provided. These
visits and lectures resulted in starting many lodges. In the southern city
of Bangalore, which is now the Silicon Valley of South India,
Olcottinaugurated two lodges in a single day, a very remarkable
achievement, even
in today's standard.
They were also very interested in the practical application of Brotherhood.
This was the motivation behind starting the School for Untouchables in Adyar.
HPB vigorously opposed child marriage which was in vogue at that time.
Buddhist schools were started in Ceylon. So their activities were not
limited to intellectual deliberations.
Loud noises have been made talking about what we should be doing to speed up
spread of theosophy in the future. Simply talking the talk and not doing the
walking the walk, is seen hippocracy and does not attract or retain members.
Internet is an excellent tool to help. But simply sitting in a room and
continuously typing on the keyboard is not going to cut it.
At this time, let us remember the wise words of High Adept that human nature
has not changed in a million years. So, it has not changed in the last 100
years. With Internet and TV and other media, personal contact is critical
for any task where we need response from people. Politicians know about it.
Businessmen know about it. Preachers know about it.
It is time that theosophists try it. Let us not talk about how the money in
the treasury is low due to financial crisis. Traveling lecturers can
accomplish travel and lecture on a tight budget.
It is also time to identify some key social justice issues that theosophists
can work on. This would provide some real-life interface to the society and
is bound to yield results beneficial to the men and women as well as the
aims of theosophy.
For any leader to lead, they should earn the trust of the members. How can
any leader lead anyone who does not care for the leader. Earning trust, is
neither easy nor quick. Destroying trust is quick.
Looking at the past and future, we cannot ignore the present. The current
level of trust many members have in their leaders is very low. We do not
know if the leaders are aware of it. This is the result of the actions of
the leaders starting with last year's international election beginning  with
the unsubstantiated allegation of poor health of Radha Burnier, followed by
unsubstantiated allegation of election process in India and topped by the
ultra secret failed attempt by some of the general council members to seize
the power to appoint the president, thus seize control of TS thru backdoor.
These further lead to a great cleavage in the general council members, which
seems to continue to this day.
The sorry state of membership outside India, needs drastic quick action. No
amount tinkering with the rules and regulations is going to fix it, because
of the total autonomy of the sections and lodges in their activities.
Let us hope some wisdom soon shines on the leaders and stir them up for

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