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Re: Theos-World Vanishing Participants and Users of catâs paw

Jul 14, 2009 03:45 AM
by preethi muthiah


I am just logging in my continued attendance and am here to tell you that i have not disappeared, though i know of some people who would perhaps have had me disappear...they could then just shut down their conscience and live and indulge themselves in their big talks and lectures worldwide :D and continue practising what they do not preach.

By the way, you ought to know that in the one week I was at Adyar to just pack my belongings, i was not allowed to write and say anything at all about Adyar. My fingers and lips were kept on silence warrant, so that i perhaps could not rant in the war about how deplorable the state of affairs at Adyar has become.

They have an inefficient Proof Reader or Copy Editor as she likes to be known called Subha Nilakanta, who cannot even properly proof read a 40-page magazine called The Theosophist, but that is the person Mrs Burnier so appreciates because she is her niece. Please read the July 2009 issue of TT for you to know perhaps what is the kind of efficiency level the President appreciates. For some weird reason Mrs Burnier appreciates inefficiency, ineffectiveness and incompetence and adores competitiveness.

Well, now that i am out of her range, i guess i can shoot out more stuff...there is oh so much wrong with the way Adyar is run.



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      Vanishing Participants and Users of catâs paws


>From time to time, new transient subscribers show up on this and other

theosophical forums. They show fairly in depth detailed knowledge about TS

and hence obviously they have been around the TS to develop the depth of

detailed information. Then after a short period, they disappear into

oblivion never to be seen again. I have always wondered what is going on..

It looks like the names used by individuals are pseudonyms or could even be

camoflages of well known personalities who do not have courage to stand up

and post messages under their own names. The problem with this pattern is

that while the information may be scintillating at first, soon lose their

value. Some times one also gets the impression from the messages that some

well-known personalities are using others post the messages so that if there

is some serious backlash, the real perpetrators will escape unscathed and

the catâs paws get the blame. From the depth of knowledge in rather specific

aspects of TS and the language and writing style can be pointers to the real



Contrasting the above, all one has to do is see the writings of HPB, Olcott,

Judge, Besant and others. What they wrote, they  subscribed their names and

stood behind their writings. They are excellent role models for theosophists

to follow.




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