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Vanishing Participants and Users of catâs paw

Jul 13, 2009 08:19 AM
by MKR

Vanishing Participants and Users of catâs paws
>From time to time, new transient subscribers show up on this and other
theosophical forums. They show fairly in depth detailed knowledge about TS
and hence obviously they have been around the TS to develop the depth of
detailed information. Then after a short period, they disappear into
oblivion never to be seen again. I have always wondered what is going on.

It looks like the names used by individuals are pseudonyms or could even be
camoflages of well known personalities who do not have courage to stand up
and post messages under their own names. The problem with this pattern is
that while the information may be scintillating at first, soon lose their
value. Some times one also gets the impression from the messages that some
well-known personalities are using others post the messages so that if there
is some serious backlash, the real perpetrators will escape unscathed and
the catâs paws get the blame. From the depth of knowledge in rather specific
aspects of TS and the language and writing style can be pointers to the real
Contrasting the above, all one has to do is see the writings of HPB, Olcott,
Judge, Besant and others. What they wrote, they  subscribed their names and
stood behind their writings. They are excellent role models for theosophists
to follow.


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