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Re: Theos-World Re: why didn't anybody reply to my thoughtful message........

Jul 12, 2009 00:45 AM
by MKR

I re-read the message in the light of all the events that have taken place
since early last year.
I am wondering about the belief that ' it was from among the ES ranks that
someone would be chosen as a vehicle should a Master require one in the
outside world.'
When all the untruths were disseminated last year in connection with the
election, where did all those believers who believed that they are closer to
the Masters go. Everyone was silent and continue to be silent and one
wonders if they all either did not see the true situation or too scared of
offending the organizational leaders, because speaking the truth in the open
can render them marginalized. Marginalization is not unknown.
I am reminded of one of the letters in Mahatma Letters to APS, where there
was a mention that while the Founders could have found someone from the tens
of thousands of men and women who are vegetarians, lead a physically pure
life etc, but chose Olcott who, according to himself, was a man of the
world, frequenter of bars etc and a meat eater.
This simply points out that, I think it is more likely to find a man or
woman who can get job done without consideration to which organizations they
belong. It is hard to find brave, honest, dedicated, fearless persons while
there are thousands with traditional accomplishments of having intellectual
accomplishments, belonging to right organizations etc. A chosen person,
IMHO, may incidentally belong to right organizations.
When a prospective TS member reads all the Internet messages relating to the
events since the start of the election and the aftermath and the attempted
ultra secret coup to disenfranchise all members and a handful of general
council members seize the power to appoint the president, they see the
disappointing disconnect between what is preached and what is practiced.
Unless leaders find a quick fix - which may put many to shame - to resolve
the cleavage, there is going to be long-term harm to the TS and theosophy.
It would do a lot of good if, next time when they meditate, they think of
how to resolve the current crisis, instead of how to tinker with the rules
and regulations and how to seize the presidency and take control of TS.

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 8:30 PM, robert_b_macd <> wrote:

>   In Volume XII, no. 2, of Fohat, Ernest Pelletier detailed the expulsion
> of TS in Canada from the Adyar Society. From a copy of the minutes and from
> reports from inside the meeting, Mr. Pelletier was able to attest that:
> "Members of Edmonton TS have always strived to associate with any and all
> theosophical organizations. . . One member of ETS . . . was also a member of
> the ES in the capacity of recording secretary. He encouraged my wife and me
> to arrange to spend time at Camp Indralaya on Orcas Island to get acquainted
> with Canadian and American theosophists in the west who meet there in the
> summer. During our second sojourn (1984) we were invited to visit Joan and
> Hank van Busekom at their residence. Hank was a bishop in the Liberal
> Catholic Church. Dorothy Abbenhouse, who resided on the Island with husband
> John; Virginia Hanson and Joy Mills, guest lecturers at Indralaya (from
> Ojai, CA); and other ES members were also present. It became clear that this
> was a recruitment effort where we were encouraged to join the LCC and ES. It
> was explained to us how being an ES'er brought one closer to the Masters and
> that it was from among the ES ranks that someone would be chosen as a
> vehicle should a Master require one in the outside world. The invitation was
> declined.

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