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Re: Theos-World Barking up the wrong tree, as usual

Jul 11, 2009 09:03 AM
by Drpsionic

It isn't finding the wheel.  It's changing a flat tire.
Uncle Chuckie
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I agree chuckie:) Let's find out the WHEEL again:)

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Date:  Saturday, July 11, 2009, 8:40 AM

Hmmm, let's see.  Ghandi never  faced a real opponent, Stalin would  have 
had him for lunch and  Mother Theresa was a ghoul who fed off the energies  
the  dying.  I don't know what they were teaching but it ain't anything  I  
would want to learn.

I'm saying we need to get away from  the notion of teachers as identifiable 
agents  altogether.

Chuck the Heretic

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So you are saying that World Teachers are known by their  actions rather  
than their words?  If this is the case one could  argue that Gandhi and  
Theresa were world teachers.

I  suppose one can walk with world  teachers or one can walk behind  them.  
A spiritual evolved soul is  probably on the  way to being his/her own 


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>Subject:  Theos-World Barking up the  wrong tree, as  usual
>Ok. The  World  Teacher thing is fun but the truth is that Theosophist 
>been   flying the wrong carpet on it since the idea floated out of Annie  
>the Bishop's hats. 
>First, there really  has never been  an identifiable person who could be 
>considered a  "World Teacher" who  had any serious impact in his lifetime. 
>Buddha was just another  local nutcase and Jesus got himself  killed. So 
>this business about  finding out who the next "World  Teacher" was going 
>makes about  as much sense as trying  to find out who will be the next 
>Jackson (in the  hope of aborting him before he can appear) and all the  
>over whether it was Krishnamurti or Aleister Crowley or even L.   Ron 
>Hubbard is missing the point.
>We can ignore  crooks  like Sai Baba Booey and crazy old Ben Creme for the 
>If there were to be a world teacher, that   individual would not have to 
>appear in public at all. He could  be  totally obscure, sitting in his 
>room, watching  reruns of old  game shows on cable, an putting the 
>directly into the  minds of the people prepared to receive it  without 
>even knowing  that he exists or that the  information, the ideas as it 
>came  from any source  other than their own minds. The techniques are  
>certainly simple  enough. Anyone can master them in a few days. Which  is 
why the  
>dugpa stuff is so silly. There is nothing they can do that   anyone else 
>cannot do and probably are.
>It is  obvious  that the idea of a World Teacher, wandering the earth  
>spreading  teaching to the hungry masses is a simple failure to  
>information can be spread. It is from a  mindset locked into archaic  and 
>fundamentally clumsy means of  communication, voice, the written  word, 
>appearance,  even video. There is no need for any of  that and one wonders 
>why  those called masters of the wisdom, who  frankly do not, in  
>seem to have been masters of much of  anything  but falling off their 
>carpets, would not have  realized  that. 
>The search is a waste of time and energy.  If there  really is a world 
>teacher running around loose  somewhere, he has no  need to be found, no 
desire to 
>be  public. That would just get in the  way and be a  distraction.
>It is time to face reality and forget  all  the nonsense that has been 
>written in the past by people who   either did not know what they were 
>about or who had a  vested  interest in public ignorance.
>Chuck the   heretic
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