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Re: Theos-World Re: Did Leadbeater Encourage "blind following"??

Jul 10, 2009 07:36 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Let us have some examples on that.
It could be helpful to present day TS Adyars efforts to change its activities, and of course also to the theosophical cause. Leadbeaters books are still praised by many.

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  Subject: Theos-World Re: Did Leadbeater Encourage "blind following"??

  Dear Morten

  Thank you for your response. 

  You write, " Agreed. Maybe not so much the "lying", but perhaps rather the misleading activities."

  Misleading indeed, perniciously so. However his lies are also insidious.

  I posted the following some time ago to Anand Gholap.

  "Bishop Leadbeater clearly lied and was fraudulent in
  numerous matters of determinable and demonstrable fact.

  He claimed to be representing Madame Blavatsky's version of
  Theosophy. On most subjects he did not.

  He claimed to be in direct contact with Madame Blavatsky's
  Given the utterly contradictory accounts of cosmogonies
  and cosmologies, any reasonable assessment would
  manifestly demonstrate that he was not.

  Upon meeting with Dr Besant, a few years after he had joined
  the Adyar Theosophical Society, he claimed to have been born in
  the year of her birth, 1847. Clearly he was not.
  According to numerous British records including birth certificate,
  Church records and even census forms filled out by himself,
  he was born in 1854. He obviously lied to fabricate a putative
  "occult" connection between himself and Dr Besant.

  Furthermore, he claimed to have seen the Mahatma M in 1851.
  Demonstrably another consciously concocted lie or fraud,
  this time to coincide with Madame Blavatsky's actual recorded

  He claimed to have attended the prestigious British
  universities of Oxford and Cambridge. He did not.

  He claimed his father was the senior executive of a British
  rail company.
  He was actually one of its bookkeepers.

  Psychically, he claimed to have seen a sophisticated civilisation
  on Mars, complete with many specific details. Clearly he did not.

  In the "theosophical" church he helped found, with teachings and
  mindset so utterly opposed to the masters he claimed contact with,
  he stated women were not fit to perform the sacraments due to
  their inappropriate vehicles.

  In "Occult Chemistry" he claimed psychic vision of the inner
  workings of the atomic world.
  With the exception of one obscure scientist, his
  pronouncements have little credibility and are
  ridiculed as nonsense.

  He claimed psychic vision of the atom and drew its picture,
  claiming it as his own. It was actually a copy of one imagined by
  Babbit years earlier. Another fraud.

  In his book "Lives of Alcyone" he constantly changed his
  putative "psychic" versions of peoples' past lives as they came in
  and out of his personal favour.

  He claimed in his writings to meet with the "Lord of the World."
  A pathological liar and paedophile meeting with the "Supreme
  Director" of this globe? Really?

  And the list goes on and on. Whether we term these indiscretions
  as untruths, lies or fraud they are indisputable matters of fact,
  which only the most ardent apologist would deny or avoid.

  Bishop Leadbeater has been proven far and beyond any
  reasonable doubt to have lied to and manipulated and deceived
  his followers on many occasions and in many ways.

  Moreover, the apologists' arguing that his self-confessed,
  sexual activities with small boys was actually training them
  in sex magic is sickening and perverted in itself.
  One wonders whether these apologists and supporters are
  themselves paedophiles, defending the indefensible.
  Anand, are you?

  If the bad Bishop were practicing sex magic with these boys, a
  heinous practice in itself with powerless young children, this
  would/should have been performed in a ceremonial and
  ritualistic environment, complete with prescribed formulae i.e.
  words, chants, invocations/evocations, ceremonial objects etc
  in a ceremony that would last for perhaps a few hours.
  His self-confessed climbing naked into bed with a naked
  young boy whilst "teaching" him masturbation hardly qualifies
  as sex magic.
  It was and is paedophilia, to anyone with any intelligence,
  decency and integrity.

  Why anyone would want to trust and even defend anything
  this man did and wrote is a matter of considerable incredulity,
  until one understands the pernicious nature of the belief-based,
  blind, devotional mindset. .

  Simply because he wrote in lyrical, "explanatory", romantic,
  authoritarian tones does not validate his pronouncements,
  unless of course our blind, devotional mindset clamours for
  the simplicity, certainty and "security" of authority, and the
  glamour of romance.

  He was simply a common liar and fraud, and some people
  were and are entirely enamoured by him and his writings.
  Enamoured and under a glamour, as was Dr Besant in allowing
  his re-entry into the Society he so disgraced.

  And you Anand recommend him and his writings, and
  condemn Madame Blavatsky and her teachers' as "Pseudo" or


  > C. W. Ledbeater deeds were:
  > a) Calling God a "He" continously and to such an extend that it was misleading. And this he in fact did very much in his books. And by this he mislead Seekers into a dualistic view upon the divine within them. And the doctrine of the Divine within each human was almost never mentioned by C. W. Leadbeater despite he claimed to be in daily contact with the same Masters as H. P. Blavatsky.
  > b) Mistreatment of young boys (not girls), which might have included - touch - was admitted by Leadbeater at the meeting maj 1906 in London, were he was thrown out of the Society. (The report is here online: - 2,42 MB)
  > c) Lying at court in 1912 about his sexual misconduct, (that his activities teaching young boys might have involved touch), which he admitted in the non-public meeting in maj 1906 in London. Vide b). The Judge at the trial was quoted saying that he disliked the views on sexuality expressed by Leadbeater, when he was a witness at court.
  > d) Describing people living on Mars as if they were living human beings in the physical wearing shoes and clothes. Something not agreed upon by Blavatsky in her book "The Key to Theosophy", page 86 -
  > e) Promoting Annie Besant as very much infallible. Something we know she were not.
  > f) Promoting his young boys adoration through claiming that J. Krishnamurti was the Messiah and World Teacher, and that Morya, KH and Blavatsky were ignorant, and that the Torchbearer of truth had arrived 50 years earlier than expected, and that this Torchbearer was a Messiah. Leadbeater claimed this as late as year 1930 in the Theosophist. But this time it was stated that Krishnamurti only were a Messiah from time to time. 
  > g) Leadbeater ended up promoting a malechauvanistic Liberal Catholic Church. A Church only allowing male bishops, with Mitra and all.
  > h) Leadbeater promoted spiritualistic views and confused the difference between shells and real departed humans in kama-loka.
  > i) Leadbeater was the one single person within the TS, who went through the fastest spiritual development seen in the TS in the period of 1884-2009. Leadbeater went from being an average priest and a non-clairvoyant to become a person who already in 1909 was given the task by his Masters to point out who the coming Messiah would be. And later he claimed he was able to confirm whether J. Krishnamurti was the Messiah or not. There is of course nothing suspicious in this all, when we consider his many faults, - or is there?
  > j) Leadbeaters emphasis on the Eucharist in his Liberal Catholic Church (LCC) and his writings about the Eucharist is a mistake and a false teaching. A teaching not clairifying the difference between Jesutism within the Vatican and real honest Christian Gnosis teachings. And a teaching Jesuitically phallic in its nature.
  > k) And there are more. Maybe som of the members here can fill out some of the more important blanks.
  > Despite his many wellknown faults his books are among the most read and bought of all the theosophical books, even today. And the truth is, and it aught also to be told, that if one delete the many faults in his books and deeds, there remains contents, which can be said to be useful to many beginner seekers. But his many grave errors should not be hidden away so to continue to mislead the beginner Theosophists in TS Adyar or any other theosophical group.
  > This is what I have learned. But I might be wrong.
  > M. Sufilight
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  > Subject: Theos-World Re: Did Leadbeater Encourage "blind following"??
  > --- In, "danielhcaldwell" <danielhcaldwell@> wrote:
  > >
  > > Did Leadbeater encourage "blind following" as
  > > Anand phrases it?
  > > 
  > > You be the judge. Here is what Mr. Leadbeater said
  > > about Mrs. Besant:
  > Yes Daniel, and all
  > And this blind following demanded from a man who lied 
  > repeatedly, who manifestly contradicted the very masters he 
  > claimed to represent and who admitted to serious sexual 
  > misdemeanours with young boys. and whose many 
  > fantastical statements in his books have been removed by 
  > "theosophical" publishers to avoid both extreme embarrassment
  > and justified discredit, and to maintain the blind following 
  > of a blatant liar.
  > Is it any wonder that deception and deceit from whatever 
  > quarter continues to infect some in the Adyar Theosophical 
  > Society.
  > It is disappointing the many honourable members in that
  > organisation continue to permit these violations to occur.
  > Courage of convictions it seems is in short supply. 
  > Regards
  > Nigel
  > > 
  > > "What can I say to you of your President [Annie
  > > Besant] that you do not know already? Her colossal
  > > intellect, her unfailing wisdom, her unrivalled
  > > eloquence, her splendid forgetfulness of self,
  > > her untiring devotion of work for others - all
  > > these are but a small part of her greatness;
  > > they are on the surface, they may be seen by all,
  > > they leap to the eyes. But there are other qualities,
  > > other powers, of which you cannot know, because they
  > > pertain to the secrets of Initiation. She is a
  > > pupil of our Masters; from the fount of Their
  > > archaic wisdom she derives her own, the plans which
  > > she is carrying out are Their plans for the welfare
  > > of the world. THINK THEREFORE, HOW GREAT AN
  > > HONOUR IT IS FOR YOU that you should be permitted
  > > to work under her, for in doing so you are virtually
  > > working under Them. THINK HOW WATCHFUL YOU SHOULD
  > > out EXACTLY whatever instructions she may give to you.
  > > 
  > > Remember...there will be times when you cannot
  > > understand her motives, for she is taking into account
  > > many things which you cannot see and of which
  > > she must not tell you. BUT WHETHER YOU UNDERSTAND
  > > 
  > > SPEAK. Let the wise hear my words, and act accordingly."
  > > 
  > > Caps added. Adyar Album, p. 45.
  > > 
  > > Daniel
  > >
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