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Barking up the wrong tree, as usual

Jul 09, 2009 09:48 PM
by Drpsionic

Ok.  The World Teacher thing is fun but the truth is that Theosophist  have 
been flying the wrong carpet on it since the idea floated out of Annie and  
the Bishop's hats.  
First, there really has never been an identifiable person who could be  
considered a "World Teacher" who had any serious impact in his lifetime.   The 
Buddha was just another local nutcase and Jesus got himself killed.  So  
this business about finding out who the next "World Teacher" was going to be  
makes about as much sense as trying to find out who will be the next Michael  
Jackson (in the hope of aborting him before he can appear) and all the fuss 
over  whether it was Krishnamurti or Aleister Crowley or even L. Ron 
Hubbard is  missing the point.
We can ignore crooks like Sai Baba Booey and crazy old Ben Creme for the  
If there were to be a world teacher, that individual would not have to  
appear in public at all.  He could be totally obscure, sitting in his  living 
room, watching reruns of old game shows on cable, an putting the  information 
directly into the minds of the people prepared to receive it without  them 
even knowing that he exists or that the information, the ideas as it were,  
came from any source other than their own minds.  The techniques are  
certainly simple enough.  Anyone can master them in a few days.  Which  is why the 
dugpa stuff is so silly.  There is nothing they can do that  anyone else 
cannot do and probably are.
It is obvious that the idea of a World Teacher, wandering the earth  
spreading teaching to the hungry masses is a simple failure to understand how  
information can be spread.  It is from a mindset locked into archaic and  
fundamentally clumsy means of communication, voice, the written word, personal  
appearance, even video.   There is no need for any of that and one  wonders 
why those called masters of the wisdom, who frankly do not, in  retrospect, 
seem to have  been masters of much of anything but falling off  their flying 
carpets, would not have realized that.  
The search is a waste of time and energy.  If there really is a world  
teacher running around loose somewhere, he has no need to be found, no desire to 
 be public.  That would just get in the way and be a distraction.
It is time to face reality and forget all the nonsense that has been  
written in the past by people who either did not know what they were talking  
about or who had a vested interest in public ignorance.
Chuck the heretic
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