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Re: Theos-World Roman Catholic Church on New Age/Theosophy

Jul 09, 2009 04:33 PM
by Cass Silva

They are just giving the CIA a new facade!

>From: Martin <>
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>Subject: Re: Theos-World Roman Catholic Church on New Age/Theosophy
>Die Welle ( The Wave ), a story about dictatorship: Chuck , who would you say to be head of policestate Earth first? George Bushington the 2d?
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>Subject: Re: Theos-World Roman Catholic Church on New Age/Theosophy
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>Date: Thursday, July 9, 2009, 4:31 PM
>Oh, we have not gotten to the well yet.
>Chuck the Heretic
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>Chuck is diving deep now, guys:)
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>Subject:Â Re: Theos-World Roman Catholic Church on New Age/Theosophy
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>Date:Â Thursday, July 9, 2009, 6:38 AM
>There were no earthlings or martians. It is all an illusion of Maya.
>Chuck the heretic
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>_silva_cass@ yahoo.sil_ (mailto:silva_cass@yahoo. com)ÂÂÂwrites:
>I thought earthlings preceded martians?  Although I am very hazy on 
>subject - read years ago that in the next manvantara humans evolve to 
>Venetians, martians evolve to earthlings and that earth is in the middle 
>between mars andÂÂÂvenus?
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>>Subject: Re: Theos-World Roman Catholic Church on NewÂÂÂAge/Theosophy
>>Cass, Morten, 
>>I seem to recall that Blavatsky made mention of a small residual of 
>Intelligences remained upon Mars from the Original species that had been 
>and moved on due to the Mars Globe cycle. 
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>>From: "Cass Silva"Â <silva_cass@ silva_cass>Â 
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>>Subject: Re:Â Theos-World Roman Catholic Church on New Age/TheosophyÂÂÂ
>>Do aliens live on Mars - no - Martians live on Mars, andÂÂÂprobably like 
>enjoy the location, especially if they live by a hot spring. lol They 
>would need anti-freeze should they wish to holiday on earth! 
>>>From: Morten Nymann Olesen < global-theosophy@ stofanet. dk > 
>>>To:Â theos-talk@yahoogro 
>>>Sent: Thursday, 9 July, 2009 2:21:54 AM 
>>>Subject: Re: Theos-World Roman Catholic Church on New Age/Theosophy 
>>>Some of them must, as I see it, be considered to have been created by 
>ordinary humans, because their creation are imprecise and angles 
>incorrect or 
>non-symmetrical, where they aught to be so.ÂÂÂ
>>>I did however like the Jelly-Fish at the bottom. 
>>>I remineded me of the following from H. P. Blavatsky: 
>>>"We speak of the inhabitants of other planets and imagine that if they 
>are men, i. e., thinking entities, they must be as we are. The fancy of 
>poets and painters and sculptors never fails to represent even the angels 
>as a 
>beautiful copy of manâ plus wings. We say that all this is an error and a 
>delusion;Â because, if on this little earth alone one finds such a 
>inÂÂÂits flora, fauna and mankind âfrom the sea-weed to the cedar of 
>from the jelly-fish to the elephant, from the Bushman and negro to the 
>Apollo Belvedereâalter the conditions cosmic and planetary, and there 
>must be 
>as a result quite a different flora, fauna and mankind. The same laws 
>fashion quite a different set of things and beings even on this our 
>including in it all our planets. How much more different then must be 
>external nature in other Solar systems, and how foolish is it to judge of 
>stars and worldsÂÂÂand human beings by our own, as physical 
>>science does! "Â 
>>>Did someone say that Aliens live on Mars? 
>>>M. Sufilight 
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>>>Subject: Re: Theos-World Roman Catholic Church on New Age/Theosophy 
>>>Here is a link for the latest Crop Circles which have a scientific 
>message some alledge:Â 
>>>>>> __http://www.earthfil h_ (http://www.earthfil _/)Â 
>(_http://www.earthfil h_ (http://www.earthfil /) )ÂÂÂ 
>php?ID=1578& category= Environment< <<Â 
>>>And because the message is about the Sun's activity here are the Solar 
>Observatory SOHO links: 
>>>The Solar and Heliospheric Home Page (SOHO) 
>>>>>> __http://sohowww. h_ (http://sohowww. _/)Â (_http://sohowww. h_ 
>(http://sohowww. /) )ÂÂÂnascom.nasa. gov/home. html<<< 
>>>The Latest SOHO Images 
>>>>>> __http://sohowww. h_ (http://sohowww. _/)Â (_http://sohowww. h_ 
>(http://sohowww. /) ) nascom.nasa. gov/data/ 
>realtime-Â images.html< << 
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>>>From: "Morten Nymann Olesen" <global-theosophy@ stofanet. dk> 
>>>To:Â theos-talk@yahoogro 
>>>Sent: Tuesday, July 7, 2009 9:21:39 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific 
>>>Subject: Re: Theos-World Roman Catholic Church on New Age/Theosophy 
>>>Yes. The links says the following: 
>>>"19th century esotericism is seen by some asÂÂÂcompletely secularised. 
>Alchemy, magic, astrology and other elements of traditional esotericism 
>been thoroughly integrated with aspects of modern culture, including the 
>search for causal laws, evolutionism, psychology and the study of 
>religions. It 
>reached its clearest form in the ideas of Helena Blavatsky, a Russian 
>medium who founded the Theosophical Society with Henry Olcott in New York 
>1875. The Society aimed to fuse elements of Eastern and Western 
>traditions in 
>an evolutionary type of spiritualism. It had three main aims: 
>>>1. "To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without 
>distinction of race, creed, caste or colour. 
>>>2. "To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and 
>>>3. "To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in 
>>>- - - 
>>>Someone might want to throw an e-mail to the Vatican telling them, that 
>the above is not entirely true. 
>>>The three main aims as they were formulated in the Constitutions just 
>before H. P. Blavatsky died was: 
>>>"The objects of the Theosophical Society are: First. - To form the 
>nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of 
>creed, sex, caste or colour. Second. - To promote the study of Aryan and 
>Eastern literatures, religions, philosophies and sciences, and to 
>demonstrate their importance to Humanity. Third. - ToÂÂÂinvestigate 
>unexplained laws 
>of Nature and the psychic powers latent in man. " 
>>>(The Theosophist - January 1891) 
>>>- - -Â 
>>>Further one aught to realize that the original aims when The 
>Theosophical Society was formed had the following somewhat different 
>words, which the 
>Vatican presumably dislikes and therefore omits in its official Internet 
>>>"The objects of the society are, to collect and diffuse a knowledge of 
>the laws which govern the universe." 
>>>"Preamble of the T.S. 
>>>Dated October 30, 1875; reprinted in The Theosophical Forum,ÂÂÂSeptember 
>1947, pp. 515-18 
>>>The title of the Theosophical Society explains the objects and desires 
>of its founders: they seek "to obtain knowledge of the nature and 
>of the Supreme Power and of the higher spirits by the aid of physical 
>processes." In other words, they hope, that by going deeper than modern 
>has hitherto done, into the esoteric philosophies of ancient times, they 
>may be enabled to obtain, for themselves and other investigators, proof 
>the existence of an "Unseen Universe," theÂÂÂnature of its inhabitants, if 
>such there be, and the laws which govern them and their relations with 
>>>Whatever may be the private opinions of its members, the society has no 
>dogmas to enforce, no creed to disseminate. It is formed neither as a 
>Spiritualistic schism, nor to serve as the foe or friend of any sectarian 
>philosophic body. Its only axiom is the omnipotence of truth, its only 
>creed a 
>profession of unqualifiedÂÂÂdevotion to its discovery and propagation. In 
>considering the qualifications of applicants for membership, it knows 
>race, sex, color, country nor creed. 
>>>That all the members of a society should acquire an equal degree of 
>knowledge within the same period of time is not to be expected. Knowledge 
>always progressive, and proportional to natural capability and 
>to intellectual impression. Even the most intelligent and the most 
>perseveringly studious must labor in order to obtain or attain. To all, 
>are alike indispensable, rectitude of principle and conduct, and love of 
>truth and wisdom. No student can win his diploma without undertaking a 
>course of study and proving a good character; and every handicraftsman 
>has to 
>serve his apprenticeship before he can be journeyman or master. So 
>theosophy, which claims to teach the vital points of science and art, 
>exacts from 
>its adepts an assiduity of purpose, a catholicity of mind, an unselfish 
>devotion, an unflinching courage and perseverance, and aÂÂÂpurity of life 
>thought commensurate with the nature of their self-imposed task, before 
>>admitting them into the arcana of nature, and intrusting them with 
>not shared by meaner souls. 
>>>The founders of the Theosophical Society begin their work with a solemn 
>conviction of its importance. They do not undervalue the difficulties, 
>intrinsic and extrinsic, of the task. Their work is that which the 
>Spiritualists have neglected, the Materialists have not attempted, and 
>the Theologians 
>haveÂÂÂmisunderstood and undervalued. Starting with a hope, rather than a 
>conviction, of the attainment of their desires, they are animated solely 
>by an 
>earnest purpose to learn the truth, wheresoever it may be found; and 
>esteem no obstacles so serious, no pains so great, as to excuse them for 
>relinquishing it. 
>>>They look in vain to the Church for such evidence of immortality as 
>satisfy the exactions of a fearless reason; in vain to her opponents for 
>an explanation of the preterhuman experiences of mankind, from the 
>periods. The Spiritualists, who profess to be in constant relations with 
>the departed, are unable to agree upon a system of philosophy. Thus the 
>longing of the race for a practical demonstration of its future existence 
>unsatisfied; the laws of intercommunication between the visible and the 
>invisible worlds are not accurately defined; and the problem of the two 
>eternities which bound this life remains unsolved, despite a multitude of 
>and academies." .......and more....... 
>>> __http://www.theosoci h_ (http://www.theosoci _/)Â (_http://www.theosoci h_ 
>(http://www.theosoci /) )ÂÂÂ 
>/gfkforum/ ourdir.htm 
>>>M. Sufilight says: 
>>>So the emphasis upon Aryan and Eastern literature aught notÂÂÂto be 
>out just because the Vatican and its useful puppets have the aim to 
>promote the idea. 
>>>There is still today a great abyss between the Eastern doctrines on 
>wisdom and the western ones on dogmas and blind beliefs. And this we will 
>to recognize. - Some have sought to build a bridge between them and 
>such a teaching a Doctrine of the Heart. Others have tried to put their 
>own versions forward. But a search after Truth can, we claim, never be 
>on a blind belief where rest of reason is promoted and the possible 
>development of Wisdom is ignored. And the WisdomÂÂÂTeachings operates 
>through groups 
>and organisations carrying various names and not only those who pride 
>themselves by the use of the name "theosophical" . And we will know them 
>their fruits, whether they promote fanatical views or promote an honest 
>after the truth without multicultural religiously- related bigotry. 
>>>M. Sufilight 
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>>>From: Anand 
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>>>Subject: Theos-World Roman Catholic Church on NewÂÂÂAge/Theosophy 
>>>I got this link just now. 
>>>Â __http://www.vatican. h_ (http://www.vatican. _/)Â 
>(_http://www.vatican. h_ (http://www.vatican. /) )Â va/roman_Â 
>curia/pontifical _councils/ interelg/ documents/ rc_pc_interelg_ 
>doc_20030203_ new-age_en. 
>>>Anand Gholap 
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