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Re: Theos-World Chucks magic mirrors!!!

Jul 08, 2009 10:10 PM
by Cass Silva

Yep, that is what I wrote a couple of weeks ago.  The cat was let out of the bag 50 years ago.


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>Subject: Re: Theos-World Chucks magic mirrors!!!
>Really, none of this stuff is a great secret. All the techniques have 
>been published long ago.
>Chuck the Heretic
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>silva_cass@yahoo. com writes:
>When Anand talks about a democracy what he is really wanting is a benign 
>dictator (and preferably one who has his ear) If the net goes down we would 
>either revert back to weekly meetings, walk-ins off the street or for us 
>oldies, study autonomously and communicate via snail mail or fax.
>There is no theosophical reason why the Masters and their disciples could 
>not work through the astral. I read that way back in 1888, KH mentioned in 
>one of his letters that he had far more important work to do regarding 
>China than spending wasted hours trying to convince Hume of one thing or 
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>>Subject: Re: Theos-World Chucks magic mirrors!!!
>>Now, if the central Server starts to blush too much because it gets 
>infected with a non-theosophical worm with a red hat, I think we will have to 
>modify the situation or at least clean some of the mirrors so to avoid the 
>"flu" from sprading so to speak. :-)
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>>Subject: Re: Theos-World Chucks magic mirrors!!!
>>I'm blushing.
>>Chuck the Heretic
>>In a message dated 7/8/2009 10:11:32 A.M. Central Daylight Time, 
>>monad_monad_ monad@yahoo. com writes:
>>This description of the magic mirrors may sound a little far out to some 
>>but it describes in a somewhat cryptic and simplified way how the 
>>members of a spiritual group telepathically work on the inner planes 
>>amongst themselves. In this way they bypass all this personality 
>>Highly developed minds that may have left there bodies and are no longer 
>>hindered by time and space as we understand it. 
>>In fact the net and the modern information highway may be a stepped down 
>>version of that work that will require many cycles to develop and 
>>Then theosophy will not be here or there but EVERYWHERE. Chuck who's 
>>is more in the nature of a series of zen parables is right on in so much 
>>what he posts.
>>No one with any real background in Theosophical studies can take what is 
>>often posted on a number of these different Theosophical websites 
>>If I get the drift of Chucks many humorous and satirical post there is 
>>a lot of wisdom in just going to the source and bypassing all this 
>>that tries to pass for serious Theosophy. In fact this description of 
>>Chucks outline of a Master computer and all the connecting mirrors may 
>>parallel and be a good description of how the Masters work with there 
>>students or disciples in the ether's.
>>Keep up the good work Chuck your heresy keeps the world alive and its 
>>children from following asleep and going completely comatose.
>>Blessings Duane.
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>>Subject: Re: Theos-World Theosophical Democracy vs Theosophical Autonomy
>>ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ??????????? 
>>(Large cracking sound---followed by the sound of tinkling glass hitting 
>>the floor!!!! Lol!) 
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>>Subject: Re: Theos-World Theosophical Democracy vs Theosophical Autonomy 
>>Ok, this is going to get a bit off the wall sounding but it has been done 
>>in occult history. Let us take the scenario that the internet goes down 
>>and stays down, as unlikely as it seems. We have a method of 
>>that is virtually unstoppable- -the old, reliable magic mirror. 
>>Using the net as a good analogy to how it would work, you have a storage 
>>field, a big thoughtform if you will, that acts as the central server. 
>>mirrors are all linked to the server by the will of their operators. So, 
>>whenever anyone wants to get a message out to one's fellow Theosophists, 
>>need only meditate on the message and put it into his mirror. It then 
>>automatically to the server and out to everyone else through their 
>>Sounds weird? Read the description of the Shrine Room HPB had built in 
>>the London Lodge. They were working with some interesting stuff back 
>>Chuck the Heretic 
>>In a message dated 7/7/2009 8:45:41 P.M. Central Daylight Time, 
>>robert.b.macdonald robert.b. macdonald< WBR
>>A few more thoughts . . . 
>>This discussion seems to be getting hung up on the theory that a truly 
>>democratic Society would solve our problems, or it is argued on the other 
>>that we do not even need a Society, theosophy has been disseminated in 
>>West, and we need only study what we all have access to. It is argued 
>>the internet can be the tie that binds us all. 
>>Theosophy does not exist in a vacuum, it is a reflection of the world 
>>around us and we again are reflected into that world. Chuck pointed out 
>>one of 
>>the deeper truths, that being, knowledge gets reflected into the ether 
>>then over time is reflected back into us, informing us all. I have often 
>>thought, that if the TS could discover a new way to govern itself, then 
>>perhaps this would signal that the world is on the verge of doing the 
>>Theosophy was introduced to the West in order to lead thought in new 
>>and have that thought evolve our institutions. In order to do that we 
>>don't have to be noticed by everyone, if Chuck is right, as soon as we 
>>that will seed the crystal, if you like, of change all around us. 
>>Cass has brought up the whole issue of autonomy. Right now, if you are 
>>surrounded by a like minded group of theosophists who are going to allow 
>>you to develop along lines you feel are right, the best thing to do is 
>>alone, and perhaps interact with others half-way around the globe on the 
>>internet and do the best you can in these spiritually dark times. Who can 
>>argue with that? We are talking about change here and it certainly does 
>>seem like people, theosophists included, are open to real change. 
>>On the other hand Anand is suggesting that a true democracy will solve 
>>of our problems. Democracy is the silver bullet that will slay the beast 
>>of totalitarianism. But what is it and how is it going to work? Some say 
>>that the TS began as the most democratic of institutions but look at it 
>>If India, Pakistan, and other developing Nations are allowed to achieve 
>>economic power, then they will learn that democracy is no protection. Ask 
>>educated individual from the West about democracy, and if they think 
>>it for even a few moments, they will have to admit that in any election 
>>have ever voted in, they invariably have voted for the individual that 
>>they have disliked the least. Populist leaders like Obama are rare, and 
>>they do achieve power their voting records are no less corrupt than all 
>>rest. It is not enough to claim that democracy is the panacea, we need to 
>>know the details. 
>>How can a Society remain democratic when it invariably has to struggle 
>>with an uneducated and apathetic electorate. Who in this group knew 
>>about the by-laws of the Society to which they belong before this last 
>>election? Those who do not belong to the Adyar Society, who among you 
>>anything about your Societies' bylaws now? Democracy is nothing without 
>>informed and engaged electorate. The problem is not about re-instituting 
>>democracy, it is about re-inventing the electorate, how do you do that? 
>>Again, the 
>>answer Cass gives seems to be ringing loud now, you wait until they are 
>>born. But what if they are out there now, waiting for a form of 
>>that will inform them and engage them. What would the nature of that 
>>government be? Change has never come before the idea, how could it? 
>>What happens if governments take the internet away tomorrow, or limit it 
>>in such ways that you dare not speak your mind or relate to others of 
>>similar mind? Then where will the TS be? We will be stuck with a TS 
>>that is probably a reflection of the government leaders that took away 
>>internet or we will be totally autonomous reading and studying theosophy 
>>a dim lamp in a dark basement. The governments will still be democratic, 
>>you can either vote for this tool of the unseen power or that tool of the 
>>unseen power. 
>>I suspect it is important that theosophists think about these questions, 
>>because if we can figure them out, perhaps humanity would be ready to 
>>Robert Bruce 
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