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Re: Theos-World Occult Secrets

Jul 08, 2009 06:02 PM
by Cass Silva


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>Master KH was spouting nonsense in that and one wonders what his motivation 
>was in doing so.
>Chuck the Heretic
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>Mahatma KH explains very clearly the issue of occult secrets and the
>essential transformation needed in the neophyte and that no amount of hocus
>pocus will work. It is hoped that those concerned with secrets may get a
>better picture after reading it.
>>From Letter #49 - Mahatma Letters to A P Sinnett:
>Once we are upon the topic, I wish you would impress upon your London
>friends some wholesome truths that they are but too apt to forget, even,
>when they have been told of them over and over again. The Occult Science is
>not one, in which secrets can be communicated of a sudden, by a written or
>even verbal communication. If so, all the "Brothers" should have to do,
>would be to publish a Hand-book of the art which might be taught in schools
>as grammar is. It is the common mistake of people that we willingly wrap
>ourselves and our powers in mystery -- that we wish to keep our knowledge 
>ourselves, and of our own will refuse -- "wantonly and deliberately" to
>communicate it. The truth is that till the neophyte attains to the 
>necessary for that degree of Illumination to which, and for which, he is
>entitled and fitted, most if not all of the Secrets are incommunicable. The
>receptivity must be equal to the desire to instruct. The illumination must
>come from within. Till then no hocus pocus of incantations, or mummery of
>appliances, no metaphysical lectures or discussions, no self-imposed 
>can give it. All these are but means to an end, and all we can do is to
>direct the use of such means as have been empirically found by the
>experience of ages to conduce to the required object. And this was and has
>been no secret for thousands of years. Fasting, meditation, chastity of
>thought, word, and deed; silence for certain periods of time to enable
>nature herself to speak to him who comes to her for information; government
>of the animal passions and impulses; utter unselfishness of intention, the
>use of certain incense and fumigations for physiological purposes, have 
>published as the means since the days of Plato and Iamblichus in the West,
>and since the far earlier times of our Indian Rishis. How these must be
>complied with to suit each individual temperament is of course a matter for
>his own experiment and the watchful care of his tutor or Guru. Such is in
>fact part of his course of discipline, and his Guru or initiator can but
>assist him with his experience and will power but can do no more until the
>last and Supreme initiation. I am also of opinion that few candidates
>imagine the degree of inconvenience -- nay suffering and harm to himself --
>the said initiator submits to for the sake of his pupil. The peculiar
>physical, moral, and intellectual conditions of neophytes and Adepts alike
>vary much, as anyone will easily understand; thus, in each case, the
>instructor has to adapt his conditions to those of the pupil, and the 
>is terrible for to achieve success we have to bring ourselves into a full
>rapport with the subject under training. And as, the greater the powers of
>the Adept the less he is in sympathy with the natures of the profane who
>often come to him saturated with the emanations of the outside world, those
>animal emanations of the selfish, brutal, crowd that we so dread -- the
>longer he was separated from that world and the purer he has himself 
>the more difficult the self-imposed task. Then -- knowledge, can only be
>communicated gradually; and some of the highest secrets -- if actually
>formulated even in your well prepared ear -- might sound to you as insane
>gibberish, notwithstanding all the sincerity of your present assurance that
>"absolute trust defies misunderstanding. "absolute trust defies misunder
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