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Re: Synthesizing Organizatonal Discussion 2

Jul 07, 2009 08:15 AM
by Anand

--- In, "robert_b_macd" <robert.b.macdonald@...> wrote:
> Anand, I think the question you ask requires us to bring all our knowledge of theosophy to focus on this subject.  What I am thinking of is the two pillars, mercy and justice, moral and legal, the heart and the lower mind.  Always two - do we take the correspondence further and claim a Society such as theosophy needs 2 leaders, a moral leader and a legal leader?  This is what I am asking.

All leaders are supposed to possess considerable degree of moral development and they should be law abiding. So, I don't think legal and moral duties are for two different individuals. They both are necessary for all officers. Current system does not work because ES destroys the sense of responsibility because after taking pledge they become blind followers to some extent. Even removing the obedience clause will not make much difference because people have tendency to obey commands of spiritual authorities. Right now ES member asks "I am doing this thing because ES head told me to do" Instead of having this attitude, he should be asking himself "Am I doing the right thing? Am I honest? Am I truthful? Am I doing my duty as elected leader of the lodge or section?" Each ES member and TS officer must ask these questions to himself. Doing right thing is more important than being obedient. Why do you think I don't blindly obey commands? It is because for me doing right thing is important. 

Bruce wrote: "In this type of a School where the student practices morality according to theosophical doctrines, we don't have to call it an ES, but rather a school of practical theosophy, so in this type of school can moral attributes be developed that would be of benefit to the Society?"

Anand Gholap: Every TS member is supposed to practice morality as per TS doctrines. You don't need ES to practice morality.

Bruce:  Can we help to develop strong moral leadership.  Is this not the complaint we have about our current leadership?  Has this whole debate not stemmed from a concern over the integrity of that leadership?  Clearly, what we are currently doing is not the answer.  How do we change it?  Maybe this is not the answer, if not how do we address morality in a Society that is all about morality?

Anand Gholap : It is expected that in democracy members will elect a morally superior leader. But as democracy does not exist in TS, you can't expect this result. First make it democratic.

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