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Re: Synthesizing Organizatonal Discussion 2

Jul 05, 2009 01:42 PM
by robert_b_macd

Dear Anand,

Again your points are well taken.  I don't deny that all this can be done by a serious student with the help of others.  I would encourage such a course for those with the ability and inclination to do so.

What my point in looking at this is to discuss whether the Society should have a legal power and a moral power.  Could such a power arrangement reduce some of the abuse of power that some seem to think now exists.

Organizations come into existence to help those wishing to do a certain kind of work, the organization gives structure to that work.  Without the structure it is difficult to get things done.  Self culture is also difficult as oftentimes we do not have the appropriate habbits when we enter into such an endeavour.  What do we do next? What is important and what is not?  I feel tired today, can I take the day off?  This is where an organization helps.  The ES should be trying to help people make themselves into moral adepts, the organization of the ES should simply be a tool for these people.

Robert Bruce

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> > The ES would be a body of students who want to study the doctrine of the founders at a deeper level and who want to put the moral aspect of those teachings, as detailed in the pledge, into practice.  It would be a life-long study.  I think that all members should be members of the TS and the ES >should have no official standing with the TS.  
> >
> For the deep study of Theosophy and putting in practice moral aspect, you don't need the Esoteric School. Members of TS, whoever want, can do it. If anybody wants consultation, he can always ask questions to any serious members or officers in TS lodge. There is no need of separate ES for this purpose.
>  If somebody wants to make a pledge to follow Masters or to work for Theosophy, he can do it in his own heart or write on paper and keep that paper with himself. 
> Please tell your e-mail address. I had sent e-mail to  you, which perhaps you did not get.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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