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Re: Theos-World Re: The Essoteric School Lobby

Jul 04, 2009 06:03 AM
by preethi muthiah

Dear Anand,

Well, since you are asking me specific questions, i will try my best to answer you...please read on...

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Subject: Theos-World Re: The Essoteric School Lobby
Date: Thursday, 2 July, 2009, 1:00 AM


      Preethi wrote: "Mrs Burnier uses fear and divisive policies"

Can you explain what kind of fear is it and how do her divisive policies work at Adyar.Divisive policies like gossip she initiates. Fear like some who still suffer at the Editorial office at the mouth of Subha Nilkanta. They may or may not stand up against Subha, but there are those who are terrified to say anything because they would like to live on campus and work for the TS. I had explained some of the kind of gossip she initiates in a message a few days earlier...perhaps it is here somewhere. The gossip, for example, she initiated against Erica Letzereich who seems to have won the very rare privilege of speaking at the International convention in 2007 by haggling with the President for 1 and a half hours....
I suppose you understand human psychology enough for you to know what effect such gossip has on the psyche of people. It might mean that in order to get something done one must resort to thug-like behaviour called wangling.
There is also the issue of the general manager threatening me with political imprisonment because of my first email sent out to friends of mine at the TS bringing to the attention of some of them the malpractices that are endorsed by the President just because they are practised by her niece, Mrs Uma Nilakanta, who runs Leadbeater Chambers.  What would someone who is of a weaker strain do in a situation when one is threatened by the General Manager of the Estate of Adyar? One would fear the consequences of standing up for the Truth wouldn't one?

As conditions at Adyar is mystery to many, who have not lived there, it will be interesting and useful for them to know.

You told whole family of Mrs. Burnier works at Adyar without taking any salary. But you told earlier that there is corruption at Adyar. Can you explain it further?The corruption is practised by Mrs Uma Nilakanta in running of LBC. She follows one policy for her best friends -- Colin Price and Cornelia Crowther -- and another for all the other members of the TS. The English couple get to retain a room at Chambers at no cost whatsoever throughout the year, while the rest of the members have been asked in all these years to pay for rooms when they leave even one article belonging to themselves in the room, as then the room cannot be given out to other visitors and members at Chambers. Thus, room no. 28 is given out to no one except the English couple because all their personal stuff is stored in that room throughout the year.

How  is your experience of Esoteric School members there. Are people at Adyar, who you described as those who gave much sorrow to you, members of the Esoteric School?The President of the theosophical Society is the head of the ES. Her many views about Preethi Muthiah have been circulated in Adyar for four years, such that in order to be in her good books, younger members at one point in time refused to have any social contact with Preethi. I was abused and bullied in my own home by those who called themselves my "friends".  And when i expressed my hurt about their behaviour, i was further abused in a written letter that, in short, told me that these "friends" found my company so offensive they thought i must lock myself up and not attend any meetings of the TS. The truth is that i have lived and worked at Adyar since 2005 DESPITE mrs Radha Burnier. I have no wish to name these people. My war is NOT against these people, whom i see today as i have for
 the past few months now as victims of Mrs Burnier and her politics; rather it is against the corruption of Adyar, the TS, against gossip and intrigue that are so characteristic of the scene in the TS worldwide; and against those who perpetrate such acts because it helps them to maintain their power over the rest of the Theosophical world.

We are asking these questions to understand what might be the causes of the problems and to find how things can be improved in Adyar TS.
Fraternal greetings






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