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Why the TS President is elected by members world-wide???

Jul 03, 2009 08:08 AM
by MKR

Why the TS President is elected by members world-wide
I have not seen any discussion so far about the reasons why the
International President is elected directly by members world-wide. It is
important to look into this question so that we can better appreciate the
wisdom of the Founders - inner and outer - in structuring the TS.
Let us first look at the overall structure of TS. The key philosophy is
autonomy at all levels. This contributes to creativity, vibrancy in
activities and a wide latitude of action which in turn results in efficiency
and effectiveness. The sections are totally autonomous and lodges tend to be
also autonomous and the freedom given to members is contributive to vibrancy
of the lodge and individual growth.
The section heads are ex-officio members of the general council. To
guarantee the autonomy of the sections, section heads are protected in that
the general council cannot remove them. Such a setup is very unique and
reflects a lot of thought going into the organizational setup.
The presidential candidates are nominated by the General Council. But the
membership world-wide have the power of the vote to elect the president or
can totally disapprove of the candidate. There are two facts that are
obvious. One no one who does not have the support of the members world-wide
cannot lead TS. Someone recently commented that leading theosophists is like
herding a group of cats!!!
While the general council members have the monopoly in nominating the
presidential candidates, it is the members world-wide who have the power to
elect or disapprove the candidates. This provides key checks and balances,
essential to the long time survival of TS.
The recent ultra-secret failed attempt to disenfranchise all members and the
general council to seize the power to appoint the president is still fresh
in the minds of members world-wide. Thanks to early discovery of the plan
and broadcast using this Internet maillist, the move was stalled. Had it
succeeded, it would have been a death knell for TS.
In the matter of International President, when you look at the separation of
the powers between members and general council, it seems obvious that it was
done to prevent take over by a dogmatic clique and leading to where various
other spiritual organizations ended. While we all profess our belief in the
three objects, we all carry conscious and unconscious biases which play into
our decisions. General council members are humans with all the failings,
just like you and me.  Hence there is no guarantee that at a future time a
group of deluded members of the general council will not unconsciously form
a clique, based on beliefs, caste, creed, race, sex, color etc and take over
TS and take actions harming TS and theosophy, while honestly believing they
are working for the greater good of the TS and theosophy.
In view of all the above, any attempt by any group of general council
members to seize power through the back door should be vigorously resisted
by members world-wide. Internet is today's tool to keep all of us informed
so that we can act when any move from the general council members is not in
the best interests of TS and theosophy.

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