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Re: Theos-World Internet and aged TS leadership

Jul 02, 2009 09:16 PM
by Drpsionic

And remembering that one was going to say something in the first  place, 
before dropping dead.
Chuck the Heretic
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yeah true, and remembering what it was one wanted to say!    lol


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>Subject: Re: Theos-World Internet and  aged TS leadership
>It isn't the  typing that is the problem. It is staying out of the 
>bathroom long  enough to turn on the computer.
>Chuck the  heretic
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>mmmmh and I think we decided that if one can type one  can email.
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>>Subject: Theos-World Internet  and aged TS  leadership
>>Internet  and aged TS leadership
>>It looks like it is high time  that we organize an intensive workshop to
>>educate the wisdom-full,  elderly theosophical leaders about Internet 
>>and their  potential to help TS and theosophy. While everyone has used  
>>at one time or other, still it appears they are  behind the curve and thus
>>losing precious opportunity and time to  rejuvenate our efforts to spread
>>theosophy and better engage in  multi-mode with membership. While we all 
>>that email  was extensively used by many of the leaders in the  nomination
>>planning behind the scenes and execution and subsequent  electioneering,
>>still there is a very wide gap in communication  between the leaders and 
>>ordinary members. Leaders are  absent from cyberspace.
>>About a decade ago, I saw in  the USA, first hand, the reluctance and
>>resistance to use fast  inexpensive electronic mode of communication and
>>still stuck to  pencil and paper technology. This can be attributed only 
>>the  aged leaders who still could not understand modern technology and 
>>can contribute to cost savings and  efficiency.
>>A funny recent comment on theos-talk  mentioned about how, last year, the
>>email in-boxes of the  International Secretary and International Treasurer
>>getting filled  up. At international level, what else do you expect. You  
>>get numerous email because it is cheap, quick and  efficient. And members
>>will use it to contact these officers and  send information and
>>correspondence. There are ways to deal with  large volumes of email and 
>>you need to do is to talk to someone  who knows how. Or just post a 
>>on theos-talk (which is  free!) and you will be inundated with help from
>>members from around  the world. I suspect when this comment was made, both
>>the offices  were filled with very old people who have not used email 
>>It  is a pitiful and sad situation for an organization which is to be at  
>>forefront. Also, India, which is supplying IT talent  world-wide, has 
>>local talent to help. Only one has  to ask for help.
>>We have had a lot of hair-splitting  discussion about the rules and how 
>>need to be tweaked  or changed even though such changes will not help the
>>basic  membership problems, use of Internet technology for  multi-mode
>>communication should be on top priority. Also each  section can do 
>>they want because of the autonomy that is  guaranteed by the 
>>setup of TS. Let hope that the  aged leaders wake up and show up  in
>>Visit  www.theosophy. net and enjoy
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