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Re: Theos-World Re: Cleansing of bad influences

Jul 02, 2009 09:31 AM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks for the post. In reading it I bbecame aware of my error of a month or so ago in reply to Cass that Leadbeater had died in 1926 lol! OOps! Pie in my face! Your post prompted my delerium to ask when he did die, and making quiry I found the date Feb. 29, 1934. I have now corrected my innocent lie of ignorance lol 

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From: "Morten Nymann Olesen" <> 
Sent: Thursday, July 2, 2009 8:40:13 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific 
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Cleansing of bad influences 

Maybe he was merely stating the truth, so that it should be known? 

And Interestingly HPB did not readmitt those thrown out of the TS, when their motives were bad. Others were readmitted, when HPB was long gone. And look at the concequenes of it today. 

Was the idea "hymns on the lamb" allright or was one of the chelas making a spelling error here, when dictating the letter? - But of course as stated the activities had to be in accordance with the objects of the Society. 

Yet KH said: " To return to the reform of Branches this question will have of course to be seriously considered and weighed before it is finally settled." 

In 1889 HPB said something which was a bit different than the "hymn of the lamb" idea as far as I can tell. 

In 1889 HPB said: 
"The Theosophical Society was organized for the purpose of promulgating the Theosophical doctrines, and for the promotion of the Theosophic life. " 
"ENQUIRER. Do you believe in prayer, and do you ever pray? 

THEOSOPHIST. We do not. We act, instead of talking. " 
"ENQUIRER. To whom, then, do you pray when you do so? 

THEOSOPHIST. To "our Father in heaven" - in its esoteric meaning. 

ENQUIRER. Is that different from the one given to it in theology? 

THEOSOPHIST. Entirely so. An Occultist or a Theosophist addresses his prayer to his Father which is in secret (read, and try to understand, ch. vi. v. 6, Matthew), not to an extra-cosmic and therefore finite God; and that "Father" is in man himself. " 

- - - 

So I guess lip-prayers à la LCC cannot be in accordance with the aims of the TS. 

Liberal Catholic Church (LCC) 
(The neutrality of the article is however disputed.) 

I wonder of the LCC members today are aware of that their New Jerusalem already has arrived according to their most honoured C.W. Leadbeater, who for instance claimed that the coming had arrived in 1930??? 

When Leadbeater was about 76 years of age he wrote in 1930: 
"This is He who should come, and there is no need to look 
elsewhere; as I have said, I know that the World-Teacher often speaks through 
Krishnaji, but I also know that there are occasions when He does not."C.W. 
Leadbeater, "Art Thou He That Should Come?" The Theosophist 51\9 (June 1930), p. 

In 1933 Hitler became Reich Chancellor of Germany. 
Yes, this was indeed an interesting New Jerusalem. 

M. Sufilight says: 
This is what one will become a member of when joining the TS today. 
And I will continue to disagree with and PROTEST against such kinds of Christianized emotionalism. It is not in accordance with the open search after truth. 

M. Sufilight 

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From: Martin 
Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2009 10:55 PM 
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Cleansing of bad influences 

Interesting he calls Hume an idiot, I bet he was a bit tempered 

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From: Morten Nymann Olesen < > 
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Cleansing of bad influences 
Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2009, 10:18 PM 


I did find this part of the letter very interesting... 

Mahatma KH obout A. O. Hume: 
"He makes of us Agnostics!! We do not believe in God because so far, we have no proof, etc. This is preposterously ridiculous: if he publishes what I read, I will have H.P.B. or Djual Khool deny the whole thing; as I cannot permit our sacred philosophy to be so disfigured. He says that people will not accept the whole truth; that unless we humour them with a hope that there may be a "loving Father and creator of all in heaven" our philosophy will be rejected a priori. In such a case the less such idiots hear of our doctrines the better for both. If they do not want the whole truth and nothing but the truth, they are welcome. But never will they find us -- (at any rate) -- compromising with, and pandering to public prejudices." 
"When, smarting under the exposure and bent upon revenge H. Ch. arrived three years ago from Bombay, C.C.M. would neither receive nor see him, nor would he listen to his justification, for Dayanand -- whom he recognised and accepted at that time as his spiritual chief -- had sent him word to hold no communication with the thief and traitor. Then it was that the latter and C. Carter Black, the jesuit expelled from the Society for slandering in the Pall Mall Gazette both Swami and Hurrychund -- became fast friends. Carter Black had for over two years moved heaven and earth to get readmitted into the Society but H.P.B. had proved a Chinese Wall against such readmission. Both the ex-fellows made peace, put their heads together and worked since then in a most charming accord." 
"However crazy an enthusiast, I pledge to you my word of honour, she was never a deceiver; nor has she ever wilfully uttered an untruth, though her position becomes often untenable, and that she has to conceal a number of things, as pledged to by her solemn vows. And now I have done with the question. " 
- - - 

So seeking the truth about how the TS operates, and to what degree TS might have deviated from the Original Programe since 1891 until 2009 under leaders like Annie Besant, C. W. Leadbeater, J. Krishnamurti? and later ones, and what theosophical doctrine it actually are promoting today - seems to be of less to no importance to the present day Leadership? 

Even some leaders lack the virtue of recognising the truth when it is honestly proven to them! 


- - - 

H. P. Blavatsky said in the Key to Theosophy, p. 15: 
"The Theosophical Society was organized for the purpose of promulgating the Theosophical doctrines, and for the promotion of the Theosophic life. " 

. . . 

"Belonging, as we do, to the so-called "inferior" Asiatic race, we cannot help having for our Masters that boundless devotion which the European condemns as slavish." 
"Most of us have seen and know them personally, while two of the undersigned live with the venerated MAHATMAS, and therefore know how much of their powers is used for the good and well-being of Humanity." 
"DAVA MUNI . . . . . 
T. SUBBA ROW, B.A.B.L., F.T.S. . . . . . . 
S. T. K . . . . . . . CHARY, F.T.S. 

M. Sufilight 

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From: Cass Silva 
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 4:10 AM 
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Cleansing of bad influences 

Found this little gem in Mahatma Letter No. 92 
"What I want, is simply a paper on the advisability of remodelling the present formation of Branches and their privileges. Let them all be chartered and initiated as heretofore by the Parent Society, and depend on it nominally. At the same time let every Branch before it is chartered, choose some one object to work for, an object naturally, in sympathy with the general principles of the T.S. - yet a distinct and definite object of its own, whether in the religious, educational or philosophical line. This would allow the Society a braoder margin for its general operations; more real, useful work would be done; and as every Branch would be so to say, independent in its modus operandi, there would remain less room for complaint and par consequence - for interference 

"To return to the reform of Branches, this question will have of course to be seriously considered and weighted before it is finally settled. There must be no more disappointment in members once they have joined. Each Branch has to choose its well-defined mission to work for, and the greatest care should be taken in the selection of Presidents. 

Had the 'Eclectic' been placed from the first on such a footing of distinct independence, it might have fared better. Solidarity of thought and action within the broad outline of the chief and general principles of the Society there must always be between the Parent and Branch bodies; yet the latter must be allowed each their own independent action in everything that does not clash with those principles. Thus a Branch composed of mild christians sympathizing with the objects of the Society might remain neutral in the question of every other religion, and utterly indifferent to and unconcerned with the private beliefs of the "Founders" the Theosophist making room as willingly for hymns on the Lamb, as for slokas on the sacredness of the cow. 



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