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Re: The Essoteric School Lobby

Jul 01, 2009 12:30 PM
by Anand

Preethi wrote: "Mrs Burnier uses fear and divisive policies"

Can you explain what kind of fear is it and how do her divisive policies work at Adyar. As conditions at Adyar is mystery to many, who have not lived there, it will be interesting and useful for them to know.
You told whole family of Mrs. Burnier works at Adyar without taking any salary. But you told earlier that there is corruption at Adyar. Can you explain it further?
How  is your experience of Esoteric School members there. Are people at Adyar, who you described as those who gave much sorrow to you, members of the Esoteric School?
We are asking these questions to understand what might be the causes of the problems and to find how things can be improved in Adyar TS.

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