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Internet Forums - Independent ones vs Organization Controlled

Jul 01, 2009 09:06 AM
by MKR

Internet Forums - Independent ones vs Organization Controlled
Internet forums present a platform to exchange and discuss ideas. With the
free availability of resources such as yahoo groups and ning, anyone can
make such platforms available for free to the world. The success of these
platforms was proven both by the long time survival of theos-talk and
theos-L and the critical role theos-talk played in keeping everyone informed
of the issues surrounding the last year's contentious election and the very
important role it played in preventing an ultra secret coup of some general
council members secretly seizing control of the presidency by
disenfranchising members and seizing the monopoly power to appoint the
One critical aspect of the above successful platforms is that they are
outside the control of the organizations. By their inherent nature,
organizations and their leaders try to control the medium of communication
both by censoring what goes on and trying to spin what goes on. Sometimes
the tactics are overt and many times they are subtle.
So the past experience raises the question when alternate free Internet
resources are available, is it efficient and effective for organizations to
spend limited financial and other resources in a parallel manner when these
resources can be spent on other more urgent priorities.
Let us think about the above and discuss various views.

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