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Theos-World Re: Fanaticism and Dogmatism

Jul 01, 2009 00:41 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Dear Cass,

Naturally there was tension between the participants and naturally we had problem with attendances. From 70 persons who subscribed and paid for hotel and everything, only 43 were present. Two speakers canceled their participation on the last minute, 13 persons decided at the port of Alexandropolis do not enter the boat, and left. 

One of the participants, a lady with advanced age, went to a small church on Samothrace, to lit a candle, and a lady on the church told her: "They are here, they arrived, be careful..." She was referring to us lol

At some point during the touristic tour, the touristic guide whispered on my husband ears: "I don't want to alarm you, but the police is watching us. Since we left the hotel that white Mercedes is following our buss, and that tall man you see down there, is a police officer." 

My husband explained  to the tour guide that we requested protection that's why we are followed by a police officer. Certainly the police officer had also a good time watching the lectures and participating of the event... He even took some old ladies for a round on the ruins.

Fortunately the history ended without any Greek tragedy. Certainly we have no intention to face such a situation again, and any future conference will take place on the main land, not on any Island. We cannot afford to endanger the safety of the participants. We did not expect such reaction as on Samothrace Island, last year there was a large metaphysical conference which you can still see the program on the following link:

They had no problem with the church. Of course they were not representing the Theosophical Society in Greece. 


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> Good News Erica, how were attendances?
> Cass
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> >Friends,
> >There was no major incidents during the Conference.
> >We had police protection 24 hours per day. I couldnâ??t avoid feeling deeply
> >frustrated to be on a theosophical meeting under such circumstances. I am posting here an e-mail (originally written in Greek) which I sent to some friends theosophists in Greece. 
> >Brothers and Sisters,
> >One of the major works of the Theosophical Society is
> >to promote the ideals of freedom from religious fanaticism and dogmatism, which
> >are one of the major sources of evil in humanity. On the name of God people
> >kill and promote hatred, and a God which in the heart of every religion is a
> >God of love is transformed, in a God of hate and barbarism, by those who blinded
> >by dogmatism, condemn, criticize, promote religious hatred and many times even murder those who think in a different
> >way.
> >The Theosophical Society through its objects, try to
> >show the world that there is no reason for such fanaticism. The Truth is one and
> >it doesnâ??t matter if itâ??s named Allah, Brahman, Christ etc.
> >As
> >wisely said the philosopher Epictetus:â??All
> >religions must be accepted... because... every man must go to heaven on its own
> >wayâ?? 
> >I must also mention the great privilege we had, to meet
> >on that holy Island which is Samothrace. We must feel privileged to have had
> >the opportunity to be there and during two days to discuss and study about the Kabeirian Mysteries. 
> >The circular of the bishop of Alexandropolis,
> >condemning our conference and the Theosophical Society, did not stop us to exercise
> >our rights. On the contrary the circular taught us that dogmatism
> >is still strong and even worst, dogmatism lives and rules on the land which
> >taught the world Democracy, on the land of the great Philosophers, on the land of
> >light which is great Hellas. We see these
> >events with deep sadness, but always holding a theosophical position, which is
> >to promote the theosophical ideals within the limits of respect and
> >consideration to others. 
> >Still we cannot forget that one of the major crimes against
> >humanity was the destruction of the ancient Hellenic religion. We know the truth
> >never dies, never is forgotten. The truth speaks louder than any circular, than
> >any crowd, always survives even if centuries and millenniums passes by, the
> >truth never is lost. 
> >
> >Many times we may be taken by sadness, when we visit ancient
> >temples, but we know that we never support the truth in the same way of the
> >barbarians. Our way is the way of goodwill,
> >of balance and harmony. Itâ??s the way of peace. But this does not mean we must remain silent in front
> >of injustices, fanaticism and psychological violence, on the contrary itâ??s our
> >duty to raise our voice against such barbarism. 
> >
> >One of the major works of the Theosophical Society in Greece is the renascence of the ancient Hellenic wisdom, and no circular of any clergy
> >can intimidate real theosophists, or make them to stop supporting the promotion of
> >the timeless principles of Theosophy. We keep on with our work letting the words on our emblem speak louder:
> >
> >
> >Erica L. Georgiades
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