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Re: Theos-World Avoiding ensnarement by Dugpas

May 31, 2009 08:44 AM
by Drpsionic

Do you have any idea how hard it is to do nefarious and cunning work behind 
 the scenes wearing those big red hats?  People can see us miles away!
Chuck the Heretic
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Avoiding ensnarement by Dugpas
There are references to Dugpa in  early theosophical literature. In a letter
to Sinnett, HPB states "The  first bomb-shell from Dugpa world came from
America.." There are also other  references to Dugpa in letters from the
Masters. C Jinarajadasa, former  President, mentions how Coulombs were the
pawns of Dugpas unknown to  themselves. Besant has mentioned that HPB was
under constant attack from  Dugpas. Why? It is their job to attempt to
destroy the TS. So is it  unreasonable to expect they are busy at work 
to destroy TS. So one  wonders about their role in the crisis that TS has
faced since early last  year.
There has been very little discussion about Dugpas in  theosophical
literature. In the minds of many traditional students of  theosophy, there
seems to be some fear to talk about them. I do not know  why?
Theosophical movement is a monumental effort on the part of the  Brotherhood
in the modern era and the commitment and power of the  Brotherhood is behind
it. A P Sinnett wrote:
"As already explained,  as far back as the year 1830 the Brothers â the 
Brethren of humanity  and those of still loftier spiritual attainment all
merged in the Divine  Hierarchy and constituting the sublime organization
that we have drifted  into speaking of as The White Lodge - held their
momentous conference. They  provided for the establishment of Spiritualism,
and for the later  experiment that eventually took the shape of the
Theosophical  Society."
Where does a student of theosophy come into the picture?  Dugpas use
unsuspecting members as their cat's paws unknown to themselves.  Also due to
the miniscule size of the membership compared to the world  population, and
the monumental work, everyone is a potential target of the  Dugpas. Woe to
those who fall prey to them. The victims unknown to  themselves, end up 
more harm to themselves than they do to the  movement. So it is the duty of
each one of us to be forewarned about the  red flags that would alert us 
falling a prey.
Dugpas do not  have any principles to follow. They are very cunning. End,
justifies the  means. So anything is OK so long as the victim is snared.
Primarily,  according to a statement in one of the Letters to APS, they use
of pride  and egoism of the individual and once a weakness is found in 
of  them, you are caught in their net unknown to yourself. Of course  other
temptations like, sex, money, power of position etc are also used.  Anyone
who researches TS history, can see for himself/herself instances of  such
Nefarious work is always done behind the scenes.  Clever and cunning agents
of the Dugpas, usually operate behind the scenes,  to make it appear their
hands are clean. They are likely to use other  unwitting innocent sub agents
who are again ensnared by the same  temptations as pride, egoism, perceived
self-importance etc.
How  does one protect oneself from falling a victim? Very very simple. Just
look  at the first object of TS - Brotherhood. Also look at the motto of TS 
There is No Religion Higher Than Truth. In addition, one of the  Masters
stated that a theosophist is a philanthropist. If we check all our  actions
on the principles of Brotherhood, Truth, and philanthropy and even  if there
is slightest conflict with any of them, you have a problem - a  chink in the
armor - and it would be taken advantage of by the Dugpas. An  alert
intelligent man or woman, who sees such a conflict immediately  
and saves himself/herself with the proposed actions. Also, if  one relies on
independent judgment and action, not try to be the front or  mouth piece of
anyone else, one can identify the problems  quickly.
HPB once stated that she was troubled more by theosophical  traitors than
from others. So, Dugpas are more likely to target active  members especially
those in leadership, because this is the most effective  approach to cause
most damage. Hence, if we are more active and perhaps a  leader, more alert
and cautious we should be. At the same time, we should  not forget that each
one of us is vulnerable unless we are ever  vigilant.
Vigilance will save ourselves and the  TS.
There is No Religion Higher than  Truth

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