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Transparency in GC Members' Activities

May 30, 2009 10:41 PM
by MKR

Transparency in GC Members' Activities
Much of the problems since the early last year can be traced to lack of
transparency or rather GC operating in a highly secret manner (like a secret
society) and this coupled with elitism one senses in its members. We have
discussed this issue on this list. Secrecy benefits only the GC members
because they can go ahead and plan for moves that damages both TS and its
members while believing that they are doing good to TS and its members.
We have seen more cleavage now in the GC than at any time in the history of
TS and is continuing. Has anyone seen any talk about transparency or active
steps for transparency? Why, the silence?
On the other hand, membership situation outside India has been poor. This is
such a hot potato, that no one talks about it even though this should be the
top issue to be dealt with.
On the other hand, very soon after the sitting president was elected, we saw
the losing candidate and his supporters attempted to change the rules in an
ultra secret and quick manner with the object of GC not only selecting the
candidates for the election as it is now, but seizing the power to appoint
the president by disenfranchising members world wide. But for the good luck
of TS and its members, and this Internet list, this clever move would have
succeeded and you can use your imagination as to where TS would be heading
Secret attempt to disenfranchisement is such a serious act of bad faith on
the part of leaders, that there should have been a quick public apology from
the leaders behind the attempt. [If this had happened in Japan, the leaders
would have been so ashamed, they would have committed Harakiri.]  No one has
seen any public apology so far. May be the elitist attitude self justified
the move. This move, more than anything any leader has done in decades, has
raised the question as to how far members can trust their elected leaders.
Leaders who cannot command the full trust of their members, cannot lead.
This is especially true of TS where autonomy at all levels is the
Silence on the part of the GC members on the above issues is very troubling.
What else they are planning in secret? This calls for extra ordinary
vigilance on the part of members lest the leaders embark on plans, possibly
self-serving ones and to the damage of TS and its members, while the leaders
may be under mistaken belief they are helping TS and its members.
Let us all be vigilant and keep tuned for the next news.
There is no religion higher than Truth

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