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Re: Theos-World Dugpas - Update

May 29, 2009 11:37 PM
by Drpsionic

As well they should be.  Dugpas are subtle and think that certain  
Theosophists taste good with mustard.
Chuck the heretic
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Looking back, Dugpas have kept the maillists active and interesting. I  have
even heard comments that some msgs here are quite intense. Some  traditional
theosophists are terrified of talking about  Dugpas!

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> "Dugpas do it better!"
>  My favorite bumper sticker.
> Chuck the  Heretic
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> From the early days of  TS, Dugpas have been active and creating trouble. 
> P
> Sinnett  had commented that Dugpas were responsible for some of the 
> he  had faced. Besant had commented that HPB was under constant attack  
> Dugpas. Today, many theosophists believe that Dugpas have not  disappeared
> like magic. They are quite active as ever. Many also  believe that the 
> of Dugpas is seen in the continuing crisis TS  has seen since early last
> year. Here is some interesting material on  Dugpas.
> .
> In the following book, Raghavan Iyer inquired of  Dalai Lama about Dugpas.
> .
> My Talk with the Dalai Lama
>  by RAGHAVAN IYER 1961
>  1961
> .
> Here is the quote:
> .
> "Then I turned to  him and asked him whether he was referring to the 
> to sorcerers  and to âsoulless men.â When I said this, his interpreter
> could
>  not translate it because the word âDugpaâ has two senses. Literally,  it
> refers to an inhabitant of Bhutan, and using that meaning his  interpreter
> could not make sense of what I was saying. There is  another meaning to 
> word, meaning an evil being, or even a  sorcerer, and to my surprise this
> seemed to be unfamiliar to the  interpreter. But the Dalai Lama showed 
> he understood exactly what  I had in mind. The Dalai Lama hinted at an
> important point which was  understood by Spinoza in Europe but which is
> often
> ignored.  There is no real distinction in the long run between the true
>  self-interest of a person and an unpleasant duty. There were  
> people who persisted in doing things which were going to  harm them above
> all
> as well as others. He spoke with quiet  compassion about these ignorant
> though cunning evil-doers. It would be  most wrong for us, he implied, to
> condemn them or to dismiss them out  of the horizon of our sympathy, as 
> did more harm to themselves  than to other human beings, although they 
> not see it. Sometimes  people were able to see the truth but through
> selfishness they could  not apply it. There were also people who were
> utterly
>  misguided in their view of what was in their own interest. If only  they
> could know, if only they were not so short-sighted through their  own
> desperation and through their own false concepts, they would see  more
> clearly what was in their interest and that this could not be so  very
> different for different peoples. In all conflicts the combatants  ought to
> realize that their ultimate interests were the same, but this  was exactly
> what was so difficult. Therefore, it was always the people  who could 
> outside a violent conflict in any part of the world  to-day, who, by their
> awareness of this ultimate identity of interests  between both sides in
> terms
> of their common survival and in  relation to the whole of humanity, could 
> an active force for good.  They could act as a check on the recurrent and
> ever-increasing nature  of evil, generated by folly, selfishness and above
> all  short-sightedness. 
> .
> .
> There  is no religion higher than truth
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