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Re: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of Truth"?

May 27, 2009 05:27 PM
by Leon Maurer

On May 27, 2009, at 5/27/098:00 PM, Antonio wrote:

Maitreya is different things to different people.

The question is... Which one is correct?

And, besides, you didn't answer Morton's question -- which now I'm asking. Are you or are you not "promoting a personal Saviour named Maitreya adressing the world"?

On May 27, 2009, at 5/27/098:00 PM, Antonio wrote:

--- On Wed, 27/5/09, Morten Nymann Olesen <global-> wrote:

From: Morten Nymann Olesen <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of Truth"?
Date: Wednesday, 27 May, 2009, 6:54 PM

      Dear friends and Antonio

My views are:

So I was wrong in reading your words as if you were promoting a personal Saviour named Maitreya adressing the world?

M. Sufilight

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  From: Antonio

  To: theos-talk@yahoogro

  Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 7:45 PM

Subject: Re: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of Truth"?

I think it is important to keep things in perspective and not make assumptions based on lack of information or fact.

Like i have reiterated time and time again my intentions are love, peace and truth based.

  If people wish to assume otherwise that is their perogative.

I think people will understand better my intentions and outlook on the 22nd of July, once my album is completed.

  Until then keep the love flowing.

  Peace and Blessings


--- On Wed, 27/5/09, Morten Nymann Olesen <global-theosophy@ stofanet. dk> wrote:

From: Morten Nymann Olesen <global-theosophy@ stofanet. dk>

Subject: Re: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of Truth"?

  To: theos-talk@yahoogro

  Date: Wednesday, 27 May, 2009, 4:15 PM

Dear friends

My views are:

Antonio wrote:

"The only difference is that the world will not truly know of Maitreyas intentions until it is out of the hands of the people and the government and the bankers and the world elite. Once he has risen to the central axis of power i think he will address the world and tell them it is time for change, he will give humanity two options 1 to accept his world view of love and peace or 2 to perish into total choas and anarchy. "

The following view by H. P. Blavatsky aught to be considered. <<<

Extract from H.P.B.'s

  E.S.T.S. Instruction No. I

H. P. Blavatsky wrote:

"By pandering to the prejudices of people, and especially by adopting the false ideas of a personal God and a personal, carnalized Saviour, as the groundwork of their teaching, the leaders of this "swindle" (for such it is) are endeavoring to draw men to them and in particular to turn Theosophists from the true path."

"Stealing from us our esoteric Sanskrit terms, our facts --- which he disfigures --- and even our motto, "There is No Religion Higher than Truth," this self-styled illuminator is sure to prepare thousands of enemies to Theosophy, when those "awakened" by him will awaken to the sad truth of having been swindled by this "Brahmin" & Co. Let all Theosophists be warned in time by the Esotericists. "

  http://www.blavatsk yarchives. com/hpbes1extrac t.htm

- - -

H. P. Blavatsky wrote:

"Year after year, and day after day had our officers and members to interrupt people speaking of the theosophical movement by putting in more or less emphatic protests against theosophy being referred to as a "religion," and the Theosophical Society as a kind of church or religious body. Still worse, it is as often spoken of as a "new sect"! Is it a stubborn prejudice, an error, or both? The latter, most likely. The most narrow-minded and even notoriously unfair people are still in need of a plausible pretext, of a peg on which to hang their little uncharitable remarks and innocently- uttered slanders. And what peg is more solid for that purpose, more convenient than an "ism" or a "sect." The great majority would be very sorry to be disabused and finally forced to accept the fact that theosophy is neither. The name suits them, and they pretend to be unaware of its falseness. But there are others, also, many more or less friendly people, who labour

sincerely under the same delusion. To these, we say: Surely the world has been hitherto sufficiently cursed with the intellectual extinguishers known as dogmatic creeds, without having inflicted upon it a new form of faith! Too many already wear their faith, truly, as Shakespeare puts it, "but as the fashion of his hat," ever changing "with the next block." Moreover, the very raison d'être of the Theosophical Society was, from its beginning, to utter a loud protest and lead an open warfare against dogma or any belief based upon blind faith."


  http://www.blavatsk arts/IsTheosophy AReligion. htm

So why

M. Sufilight

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  From: Leon Maurer

  To: theos-talk@yahoogro

  Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 6:42 AM

Subject: Re: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of Truth"?

And that's the same kind of thinking that led to the Holy Roman

  Empire, the inquisition, the dark ages and the 30 year war... Not to

  mention Hitler's New World Order Holocaust. If anyone thinks that a

  messianic based "new world order" could be any different -- they are

  either totally naive, or brain washed dupes of the dark side.

  Invariably, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


On May 19, 2009, at 5/19/098:31 PM, Cass Silva wrote:

Antonio wrote: Once he has risen to the central axis of power i

think he will address the world and tell them it is time for

change, he will give humanity two options 1 to accept his world

view of love and peace or 2 to perish into total choas and anarchy.

Cass: This is a christian view on Armegeddon/Apocalyp se -

theosophy completely rejects this idea.


____________ _________ _________ __

From: Antonio/Tony None <spirit777child@ uk>

To: theos-talk@yahoogro

Sent: Tuesday, 19 May, 2009 7:43:22 PM

Subject: Re: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of


Hi Cass,

Thank you for your view point. I understand what you say but there

are truths that only those in the higher echlons of power know.

This darkness in my opinion is simply tool. Like the motto that the

illuminati use "order out of chaos" i feel that the new world order

has been given a bad rap. In my opinion the new world order is an

ancient plan that can be used not only for evil but also for good.

It is a centralisation of power. Once this power is centralised and

it will be then and only then can the agenda be enforced. I

honestly feel that satan and god are working together to teach

humanity to grow and evolve. In this process we fight against

principles of good and evil within ourselves and eventually we come

to a point where we realise within that evil is no longer something

which benefits us. Without satan as a teaching tool we would simply

have nothing to invest our more innate negetive selves in. Satan is

like a mirror , a mirror of all our evils.

The image of satan or dark powers evolves in our minds as time

moves forward until we are able to form a more clear picture of

what evil is. I feel the real people behind the new world order

know this and are merely playing their part in a great theatricle.

I don't feel the power elite, the bankers and politicians are at

the heart of this movement. I feel they are being used by those

even higher up the ranks. The end result will manifest in our

reality and our time of this i have no doubt. It will be down to

all of us individually as humanity to come together to heal a dying

world or to remain individualistic and see the world around us fall

apart. I know what you mean when you say there are good forces that

will not allow the earth to perish and i beleive this too however

the structure of our society could easily fall away and either

bring about total chaos or the greatest change, something aking to

the likes of the Venus project. Their are so many

conflicting pieces of information but all my personal and spiritual

studies and experiences intuitivly lead me to one conclusion and

that is that the new world order is on the cusp of bringing their

plan into fruition. The past may have had isolated pockets of

society being introduced to this controlled mind state/hypnosis but

never on a totally global scale. What hitler did was a half hearted

attempt at what the new world order will do. The only difference is

that the world will not truly know of Maitreyas intentions until it

is out of the hands of the people and the government and the

bankers and the world elite. Once he has risen to the central axis

of power i think he will address the world and tell them it is time

for change, he will give humanity two options 1 to accept his world

view of love and peace or 2 to perish into total choas and anarchy.

This will be either the great deception before christs arrival or

it will be the true way forward for

humanity either way the end result (peace) will justify the means

(total control).

Peace and blessings


--- On Tue, 19/5/09, Cass Silva <silva_cass@ yahoo. com> wrote:

From: Cass Silva <silva_cass@ yahoo. com>

Subject: Re: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of


To: theos-talk@yahoogro

Date: Tuesday, 19 May, 2009, 2:51 AM

Will someone please explain to me in theosophical terms what the

motive is for these dark powers?


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From: Frank Reitemeyer <ringding2009@ t-online. de>

To: theos-talk@yahoogro

Sent: Tuesday, 19 May, 2009 7:24:51 AM

Subject: Re: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of


Leon, you have my day with your level-headed comments.

But one should not fall into the trap to assume that another

candidate is better.

They are all one and the same, otherwise they would not "set aside".

And if they ever get off track, they will have an accident.

Democracy needs enlightened people, whose eyes are open and who

have access to unfiltered information and are mental able to make a

right decision.

But that is not the case is those countries which claim to be a


Neither get the people true information, nor are they teached who

to make decisions, on the contrary, the social pressure and mass

media do all to hypnotize the people and format the brains.

Doubt is regarded as criminal.

Non-believe in mass-media ideologies can bring you into jail.

So no real progress since the alleged dark middle ages, only the

taboos have changed.

BTW, Ben Gurion announced in the American "The Look" magazine in

1968 the brave New World order with an Emperor, who will have His

coronation in Jerusalem.

So I hope that the Jews may awake before and recognize that Judaism

is misused as a mask by dark forces.


----- Original Message -----

From: Leon Maurer

To: theos-talk@yahoogro

Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 9:49 PM

Subject: Re: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of



I don't want to burst your bubble, but that's the same kind of talk

that the early founders of the Catholic Church used -- that ended up

causing long periods of warfare and pogroms that caused deaths,

injuries, broken families and destruction of homes of countless

millions of people.

No matter what the motives are of the "false prophet" (Matthew

7:15-20) calling himself "Maitreya" (actually destined to come at the

end of Kali Yuga in about 400,000 years from now) -- who comes to

supposedly take charge of the global "New World Order" government --

it will be his sycophant inner circle of followers who will actually


And, as is well known to all students of history -- such absolute

power, in the hands of unenlightened and greedy people, always

corrupts absolutely. So, any government based on organized religion

centered around a divine Messianic figurehead, and dependent on

restrictive dictatorial laws to control the thoughts and actions of

the people, is destined to fail.

My hope (not fear) is that such a police state dictatorial government

never sneaks up on us -- like was attempted recently by another sweet

talking Jesus Christ loving, born again evangelical Christian -- who

slyly stole an election, became the US President and lied us into a

seemingly endless religious war -- with the help of his cabal of evil

minded political cronies. So, count on me to be one of the many

enemies of this false Messiah posing as Maitreya, and the New World

Order shadow government that backs him -- whoever he is or they are.

I'm afraid that any true theosophist who has already, or is studying

and practicing to reach full self realization, knows that none of the

works of man can ever solve the problems that man's works (guided by

edicts and rules created and sanctioned by their leaders, and

condoned by their personal greeds) has created. And no dictatorial

government set up to solve those problems can flourish without such

power, in the hands of the few, ending up just as corrupt as all

revolutionary movements eventually become, when they take over

dictatorial control of governing peoples lives.

Of course, no real theosophist is for a fully self governed, "no

rules" world... That is, untll ALL people are self realized and

enlightened. But, until then, the only good government would be a

true democratic government "of the people, by the people, and for the

people"... With a leadership that can be kicked out when the people

decide they are not serving the purpose they were elected for.

Surely,, such a government will never be ideal... But it is certainly

better than any dictatorship or monarchy over the long run.

And, agreed, the global monetary system would have to be radically

changed if such a true democracy could work effectively. But, we

must never forget that each group of people with similar customs

would have to remain free to practice them without interference -- so

long as they harm no one. So, a homogenous global governed world by

any dictatorial religious leader is not a realistic solution to the

world problems.

As it stands, the "New World Order" government you speak of, is the

same old plan for world dictatorship and takeover of the global

economy by the "Secret Society" of world bankers and brokers -- who

are just waiting for another phony Messiah to, knowingly or

unknowingly, act as their stooge in the role of world dictator --

under their guidance and control.

In no way can the ancient brotherhood of non interfering Masters and

Adepts be confused with this New World Order cabal of greedy elitists

and would be dictatorial monarchists.

While I don't believe in your personal God or his supposed coming

savior, I don't doubt your good intentions.. . Although, there is an

old truism saying that "the road to hell is paved with good

intentions." ;-)

But, be assured that no true theosophist has to worry about

"releasing the devil that is (supposedly) within them." ;-) The only

one's who have such devils in them are those who would sacrifice

individual liberty to a dictatorial government. So, maybe you should

study the fundamental teachings of theosophy before you start

preaching to those who truly understand and follow its Heart Doctrine.

So, stick with your love-teaching music, and stop trying to convert

into your religious beliefs, theosophists or any other spiritually

minded independent thinkers who, while they, too, may respect your

ideals, won't fall for smarmy, holier than thou talk -- when its

underlying motives lead to any sort of mind-controlling,

dictatorially religious governmental organization.

Incidentally, after going back in my unread letter files and reading

about your "overshadowing" as you call it -- I think you may have

experienced unconscious mediumistic Astral epiphanies that could have

been falsely interpreted as spiritual experiences. .. If so, I

recommend that you study some of the articles written by Blavatsky

about the Astral realm and the errors and dangers of such mediumship,

as contrasted with true adeptship. According to the occult laws,

there is no way for a living individual to contact an entity on the

spiritual plane -- although there are entities on the astral plane

(Buddhists call "hungry ghosts") that could mislead and be quite

evilly dangerous to a non adept. You can find such articles at:

http://www.blavatsk blavatsky- articles. htmt

Try this one for starters:

http://www.blavatsk arts/CaseOfObses sion.htm

Apparently your jumping from one mystical teaching to another and

your psychiatric breakdown experience are signs that should not be

ignored before your next Astral experience, unsolicited visions, or

uncontrolled kundalini awakening causes irrevocable damage... (That,

incidentally, could be especially dangerous if you have ever or are

now using psychoactive drugs.)

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

On May 13, 2009, at 5/13/097:28 AM, Antonio/Tony None wrote:

Hi Leon,

I overstand your stance and your world views for a future based on

no rules. I feel this is commendable and eventually will become a

reality. Before this occurs the chaos in the world needs to be

addressed. I feel that the worlds choas needs to be drawn to one

central point and at that moment when the world awakens to the true

realisation will that point be destroyed and thus allow humanity to

move forward void of negative emotion. Fear surrounding the new

world orders plan is natural but the fact remains the freternal

brotherhood do exist and they do have an agenda to centralise all

power to one operating body. This is a very worrying and yet

exciting propesition. As head of this order, Maitreya will change

both internally and externally the processes by which we as humans

operate. From re-education, to the eradication of weapons. To

sharing with one another as a spiritual rush and taking the

monetary system totally out of the equation. The fact that

Maitrey may come to us via music is not something that should be

dismissed. God's biggest gift to Lucifer was music. My album will

be different and will totally challange spiritual concepts in our

reality but that will also be down to peoples interpretation.

People like yourself unwilling to accept such a movement as being

anything other than genuine and devinly inspired. You are the

people i need to reach most, the lost ones in the dark, searching

for the light, hoping for one day to realese the devil from within

you. Armegeddon is as much an inward battle as a world

transformation. It is ultimatly about vanquishing the evils from

within and emerging evolved into a connected higher state of

consciousness. If you fail to take this change on board your evils

will overwhelm and overcome you and evetually destroy you. So i

hope and pray that when you receive my words and my music that you

look on it with an open heart and you see the true intentions. The

intent to change a dying world through that one binding universal

truth. Love.

Peace and blessings


--- On Wed, 13/5/09, Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@ aol. com> wrote:

From: Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@ aol. com>

Subject: Re: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of


To: theos-talk@yahoogro

Date: Wednesday, 13 May, 2009, 12:36 AM

Since the Masters knew what problems resulted from the

revealing of

their names by their first messenger (HPB) -- do you think they (or

their successors) would make the same mistake again when the new

messenger begins the new mission?

And, by all the rules set down by the Masters (and promulgated

through HPB) -- wouldn't the actual work on that mission have to

begin in I975 by someone already mature in the practical ways of the

modern world, fully educated and experienced in ALL the fine and

applied arts of current science, engineering and all levels of high

technology communication -- while also being fully indoctrinated with

the theosophical teachings -- to at least the beginning of adeptship

-- as was HPB when she began her mission in 1875?

And, wouldn't all the occult powers -- that also attracted hordes of

superficial sycophants and resulted in many fraudulent copycats

during and after HPB's time -- be intentionally withheld from their

new agent (such as the power of foresight and other siddhis was

withheld from HPB)?

Obviously, of course, none of the present Masters would ever reveal

themselves, personally, or allow their messenger to expose their

names this time around. There would also no longer be a need to

attract members to the teachings through an organization, or to a

notorious personality. .. Since all that now matters would be to

prove the theosophical teachings beyond a shadow of a doubt, free

each human to be their own judge and master, as well as discredit all

forms of organized religion based on supernatural causation, personal

Gods, vicarious atonement and living messiahs.


Think about all that, and try to imagine anyone in the Theosophical

Society, or appointed by its leaders, being in a position to fill

that role... Especially, anyone who is not fully indoctrinated into

the entire secret doctrine -- as thoroughly taught by HPB in ALL her


Didn't William Q. Judge say that there were only three books

necessary to fully comprehend theosophy -- which were, the Secret

Doctrine, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali?

(Is it any wonder, then, why he transliterated all three -- along

with their detailed commentaries and answers to questions?)

Isn't it, then, also obvious why the real identity of the messenger

could not be revealed until the actual scientific "proof" of the

Secret Doctrine metaphysics actually shows up in the scientific

journals and the mass media, and becomes worldwide public knowledge?

And, even then, the true messenger will not be known, since the

accredited, peer reviewable physicists who win the prize for such a

proof will never acknowledge who or what inspired them -- (as

Einstein never would think of giving credit to HPB for his

theories.;-) See:

http://leonmaurer. info/einstein. html

Only, then, will all true theosophists recognize the new teachings

(with no need to make the retired messenger their leader) and rally

together as true "companions" to form the nucleus of the "universal

brotherhood" ... That, by their example, teaches the rest of the


the true meaning and practice of the Heart Doctrine of theosophy as

the basis of *true* democratic government.. . With no need of a

messiah and his hierarchical leadership, New World Order police state

governments, personal gods, priests, or religious organizations.

Thus, anyone who claims to be the new messenger, world teacher,

messiah, returned Christ, Maitreya, etc., before (or after) that

time, would necessarily be an impostor (or false prophet). And, the

biggest joke of all is the delusional idea that the "new message"

will be in the form of a musical album, sung by the messiah

himself ;-)

So, let's stop this endless speculative nonsense, and knuckle down to

learning and teaching pure theosophy -- so we'll all be ready when

that "new message" shows up... And, afterward, have no need for

organizations or leaders to tell us how to act (as one) in whatever

way is necessary to turn this world back into the paradise it was

meant to be.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

On May 11, 2009, at 5/11/099:55 PM, Cass Silva wrote:

Does this mean that the person was born in 1975 - which would now

make him 35 years old or that in 1975 his mission began?


____________ _________ _________ __

From: danielhcaldwell <danielhcaldwell@>

To: theos-talk@yahoogro

Sent: Tuesday, 12 May, 2009 3:25:00 AM

Subject: Theos-World Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of


Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of Truth"?

Alice Bailey claimed that "her teachings came from the same Occult

Brotherhood that taught HP Blavatsky . . . . Bailey's guide

professed to be the same Djual Khool that was one of HPB's

teachers. Bailey also declared that her guru was the same Master

Koot Hoomi that Blavatsky knew."

Many Bailey students have quoted the following passage from

H.P.B.'s pen in supporting the claim that Alice Bailey was the

expected new messenger of the Masters in the 20th century:

"In Century the Twentieth some disciple more informed, and far

better fitted, may be sent by the Masters of Wisdom to give final

and irrefutable proofs that there exists a Science called Gupta-

Vidya; and that . . . the source of all religions and

philosophies . . . has been for many ages forgotten and lost to

men, but is at last found." S.D., 1888, Vol I, p. xxxviii (original


But Students should compare this 1888 statement with the following

two passages from HPB's pen. The first extract was written in

December 1888 and the second one dates from the middle of 1889.

The first passage reads:

"Let every member [of the Esoteric Section] know . . . that the

time for such priceless acquisition is limited. The writer of the

present is old; her life is well-nigh worn out, and she may be

summoned 'home' any day and almost any hour. And if her place is

even filled up, perchance by another worthier and more learned than

herself, still there remain but twelve years to the last hour of

the term - namely, till December the 31st, 1899. Those who will not

have profited by the opportunity (given to the world in every last

quarter of a century), those who will not have reached a certain

point of psychic and spiritual development, or that point from

which begins the cycle of adeptship, by that day - those will

advance no further than the knowledge already acquired. No Master

of Wisdom from the East will appear or send any one to Europe or

America after that period, and the sluggards will have to renounce

every chance

of advancement in their present incarnation - until the year 1975.

Such is the LAW, for we are in Kali Yuga - the Black Age - and the

restrictions in this cycle, the first 5,000 years of which will

expire in 1897, are great and almost insuperable. " HPB's Collected

Writings, Vol XII, pp. 491-492. Italics added.

The second passage is as follows:

". . .during the last quarter of every hundred years an attempt is

made by those 'Masters' . . . to help on the spiritual progress of

Humanity in a marked and definite way. Towards the close of each

century you will invariably find that an outpouring or upheaval of

spirituality - or call it mysticism if you prefer - has taken

place. Some one or more persons have appeared in the world as their

agents, and a greater or less amount of occult knowledge and

teaching has been given out . . . . .If the present attempt, in the

form of our Society, succeeds better than its predecessors have

done, then it will be in existence as an organized, living and

healthy body when the time comes for the effort of the XXth

century. The general condition of men's minds and hearts will have

been improved and purified by the spread of its teachings . . . .

but besides a large

and accessible literature ready to men's hands, the next impulse

will find a numerous and united body of people ready to welcome the

new torch-bearer of Truth. He will find the minds of men prepared

for his message, a language ready for him in which to clothe the

new truths he brings, an organization awaiting his arrival . . . ."

The Key to Theosophy, pp. 306-7. Italics added.

The three passages taken together indicate that HPB was referring

to an emissary of the Masters coming in 1975 or later. These

statements by HPB would seem to rule out the messenger being Alice

Bailey or many other claimants. For a list of such claimants, see:

http://blavatskyarc latermessengers. htm#six


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