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Does Theosophy make a person more religious or less religious?

May 24, 2009 09:45 PM
by Anand

Theosophy affects minds of it's students. Whatever the text of Theosophy may say, it is important to know practically how Theosophy affects it's students. So, one of the most important question that arises is 'Does Theosophy make a person more religious or less religious?'
I am writing here some interesting observations. Many years back when I visited Adyar during Theosophical convention, I was curious about how they perform ceremony in Christian church at Adyar and another Hindu ceremony in it's respective temple. That time total 1100 people had registered for convention. Out of these 1100, perhaps around 70 were foreginers. Many of these, I guess, were Christians; and remaining 1030, being from India, we can assume were Hindus.
Out of 1030 Hindu members, around 20 people attended Hindu Congregational worship. And out of 70 Christians around 40 attended the church. 
What do these numbers indicate? Do they indicate that Hindus are not interested in their Hindu religion? 
Are Christians more sincere about Christianity than Hindus are of their religion?
Another question is after coming to Theosophy, does a person become more religious or less religious? These are, I think, some of the most important questions.
Anand Gholap

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