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Re: Theos-World An excellent series of videos on Alien presence

May 22, 2009 05:09 PM
by Augoeides-222

Interesting, Leslie mentions" Rik Williamson" who is George Hunt Williamson alias Brother Phillip alias Micheal de Obrenovic last of the Romanov's( alledgedly ). He wrote "Secret Places of the Lion" 1958, "Other Tongues - Other Flesh" 1953, "The Saucers Speak", and "UFO's Confidential" 1958. George Hunt Williamson made an expedition to the Marcahuasi Plateau in So. America and made discovery of unique stone figures of an Egyptian, Sphinx, Hippopotamus, Crocodile and other figures, it can be Googled Online. I knewhim briefly metting him only two times before he passed on. He last was investigating the mysterious Glastonbury Zodiac living in Santa Barbara California under the aegis of the Pacific Holistic Institute. 

Here is a link on it is a video of a Manager of two Commuity Television Channels in British Columbia who made discovery of space "Life Forms" of three types associated with Manned Space Flights and the video evdence. He details an amazing technical study he performed which revealed by forensic disection of the Video Frames a Lifeform was to be seen. 

UFO - The Secret NASA Transmissions 


The Marcahuasi Plateau 


A Personal "Experience" on the Marcahausi told by Alan Matthew 


Here is George hunt Williamson's "Secret of the Andes" 



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The Pioneers of Space - Lord Leslie on George Adamski 


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