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Re: Theos-World Same old story

May 20, 2009 07:36 PM
by Leon Maurer


it isn't a question of personal dominance -- but of causing problems with the web sites themselves.

If you need a place to live on the internet -- why don't you get your own Blog (free at or where you can post all your personal videos, writings, and picture stuff (most of which seems to have no theosophical relevance) -- that was clogging up the theosophical websites' bandwidths so badly, and forcing them to slow down considerably... And, thereby causing many people to sign off, rather that wait for all your junk files to load. And even the videos were choppy and incoherent... So, you would be better served to post them on youtube and just put a link on your social network sites, or in emails to open forums like this one.

Your threatening remarks below are uncalled for, since you have no right to push people off their space, just so you can park your personal junk. The real "plan of Nature" is that all beings live together in harmony... And, the internet must follow the same rules of "netiquette" -- where no one steps on anyone else's space, acts aggressively, or clogs the system.

Personal space offered on any social website, which costs money and time to maintain, is free, so long as it's not misused. Some non profit .org sites, however, have very little costly bandwidth, and anyone who attempts to dominate it is hurting others -- which cannot be tolerated. The only alternative, if they don't mend their ways, is refusing them entry.

So, follow the above advice, and be prepared to treat the theosophical sites peacefully, and respectful of the rights of others.

On May 20, 2009, at 5/20/092:37 AM, Martin wrote:

Sent away again, because I seem too dominant?
Relation broken up again, banned from a theosophical website...?
I have backup, but what is the world going to, if a simple guy like me can't even have a place to live or stay?
Maybe it's time for a little bit of Justice to all?
Coming weeks kill a million soldiers for example?

I always have the best wishes for everyone, and all I get is rejection....this makes me stronger everyday and also more and more dangerous....I am not threatening, just telling you the plan of Nature....which I serve with my whole Being.
Peace with you all...

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