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Re: Theos-World Being just and fair

May 19, 2009 03:34 AM
by Anand

Hi Katinka,
> As for Europe and the US being Christian - true, in a sense. Our culture HAS been influenced by Christianity a lot. But Frank has a point too: a large proportion of European citizens don't believe in God in the old fashioned sense anymore at all. Many are 'vaguely spiritual', instead of believing Christians. And of the believing Christians, less are identified with a specific Christian tradition.

I know there are many people in Europe and the US who don't take Christianity seriously. But there are considerable number of people, perhaps 40% or so who are Christian in some ways. And that makes lot of difference in influencing culture.

> But, the youth are more religious than their parents, so things may be changing (change IS the primary force in the universe :) )

This will be a great surprise to many that youth are more religious than old people. It is a good thing and perhaps many are ready for Theosophy as well.
Anand Gholap

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