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Re: Theos-World Being just and fair

May 16, 2009 02:50 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Anand wrote:
"Culturally I am closer to western people than Indian people. It may be 
because I am a Christian and western culture is shaped considerably by 
Religion greatly influences culture in any country. "

lol, you have strange ideas of what is going around in the West.
Christianity is probably the last thing what has influence.
In my country the leading ideologies are Judaism, sex, Marxism, Materialism, 
marihuana, alcohol, Holoco$t, cell phone ring tones and some other 
The churches are empty, except they hold a porn show or the Pope in his red 
whore shoes comes. Even the majority of the Christian priests does not 
believe in Christianity.

I think the best method to heal you from Christianity would be a trip to 
Europe or USA.



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