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Young Leaders Needed

May 16, 2009 06:19 AM
by MKR

Young Leaders Needed
When you look at the world's history, greatest achievements are due to
charismatic individuals and not the masses. Also most of these leaders were
quite young or middle aged and took their mission seriously and gave prime
of their lives working 24/7. Both HPB & HSO sacrificed prime of their lives
and that is why we are discussing theosophy and TS today.
So when you look at organizations with leaders who are septuagenarians or
octogenarians, who got there as a second or third occupation after
retirement, it is wishful thinking that great things are going to happen.
What most old people come with is a lot of street smart and can cause lot of
trouble and this is true of all organizations.
The uniqueness of TS is the total autonomy of the sections and the lodges.
Even at the member  level, the autonomy provided is unmatched in any
organization. So long one is in sympathy with the first object -
Brotherhood, anyone is welcome, whatever may be their personal beliefs
including being a materialist. TS has survived and grown for over a century,
because of this far sighted simple application of autonomy.
It is time for all of us to think how we can identify and encourage young
leaders and all we need are a handful of capable dedicated young leaders.
The rules and regulations of sections have developed over the years so that
the old folks control directly or indirectly who gets to be the leader. So
we do not end up with young leaders. It would be interesting to get a
statistics of the ages of the members of leaders in countries around the
It may be time to start doing something about the need for future young
My 0.02

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