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Re: Theos-World Being just and fair

May 14, 2009 09:11 PM
by MKR

Let me add a few comments......
When you look at the theosophists in the west, especially in the USA and  in
India, what strikes one is that in the USA, they relish publishing their
photos at every opportunity (may be to send some subliminal message, perhaps
of ethnicity), and also emphasize their academic degrees and other
accomplishments which have nothing to do with theosophy and also write about
their families -- spouse, children, and their grandchildren and their
accomplishments, (but not about their girl friends or boy friends, or their
On the other hand, theosophists in India tend to be rather private about all
of the above matters. Another characteristic I notice in India is that the
leaders are rather naturally reserved and are not given to small talk or
jokes, which is seen by some in the USA as being rather aloof or even taken
for being arrogant and lacking social skills.
It is a good idea to be aware of the cultural differences when we look at
the theosophical leaders in the USA and in India.
Others who are aware of cultural differences in other parts of the world,
may want to give their feedback.
My 0.02.

On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 9:47 PM, Anand <> wrote:

> Members have right to analyze actions and policies of leaders. Just as
> mistakes can be discussed, it is just and fair to appreciate good qualities
> and right actions of any individuals. So, today I am writing what good
> qualities I saw in two individuals, Ms. Betty Bland and Ms. Radha Burnier.
> I joined Theosophical Network at ning, run by Theosophical Society in
> America and which is fully under the control of it's President Ms. Betty
> Bland. Ms. Bland invited discussion on disenfranchisement proposal. As I
> thought that proposal was not good for members and the TS, I criticized Ms.
> Bland's proposal on her own network. Logical result could have been my
> expulsion from the network. But Ms. Bland did not expel me, even if I
> criticized the policy of disenfranchisement. They also did not curtail my
> freedom to speak in the network. I appreciate good treatment they gave and
> that they did not do witch-hunting. I appreciate Ms. Betty Bland, as far as
> this experience is concerned.
> Many years back I attended international convention at Adyar. I saw Ms.
> Radha Burnier getting out of the car near the entrance of the main hall. I
> think it was a car meant for her use at HQ. It was one of the cheapest
> models sold in India. After looking at the condition of the car, I felt it
> was a second hand car. Another thing I noticed was she was driving that car
> herself. Ms. Burnier was President of one of the most prestigious
> organizations in the world, The Theosophical Society. Anybody would have
> expected her to use expensive, luxurious cars and lifestyle. We can see
> heads of many other spiritual organizations living luxurious life. Life of
> Ms. Burnier is very different from lifestyle of many others. That time her
> age of 80 or so, and one could expect that she would have a driver. But Ms.
> Burnier was driving that cheap car herself, perhaps to save money of the TS
> and to set example of simplicity before others. I think, she lives very
> simple life.
> I am not saying whether people should live simple life or luxurious life.
> But I think there are considerable sacrifices of comforts on the part of the
> President Ms. Radha Burnier for many decades. So, as far as this quality is
> concerned, I appreciate her capacity to make sacrifices of physical comforts
> for TS.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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