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Do You Believe All these Individuals Were Actually in Contact .....

May 13, 2009 10:48 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Govert, below is something I posted on Theos-Talk many many months ago, it covers some relevant material that at some point we might hopefully discuss.


Do You Believe All these Individuals Were Actually in Contact with    the Masters?

Since H.P. Blavatsky's death in 1891, numerous individuals
have claimed contact with her Masters, stating that
they were new "messengers" conveying further esoteric

The end result has been a confusing morass of claims,
counterclaims and various contradictory and conflicting

Even during her lifetime, Mme. Blavatsky told her
Theosophical students:

"Great are the desecrations to which the names of two
of the Masters have been subjected. There is hardly
a medium who has not claimed to have seen them."

"Every bogus swindling Society, for commercial purposes, now claims
to be guided and directed by 'Masters' often supposed to be far
higher than ours! Many and heavy are the sins of those who advanced
these claims, prompted either by desire for lucre, vanity, or
irresponsible mediumship . . . ."

Below is a partial list of the claimants:

(1) In the 1890s, William Q. Judge said he was in contact with HPB's
Master Morya as well as the deceased HPB. Judge claimed he
precipitated letters from Master M. and gave out further esoteric

(2) Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater affirmed that they were in
direct communication with HPB's Masters and the deceased HPB. They
gave out various Theosophical teachings in their voluminous writings.

(3) Katherine Tingley, the occult successor of Judge, said she was
in contact with HPB's Masters and claimed to have met on at least
two occasions the Master Morya in his physical body.

(4) G. de Purucker, Tingley's successor, testified that the Masters
M. & K.H. came to visit him in 1929 at Theosophical Society
headquarters, Point Loma, San Diego, California. Purucker claimed
that he was allowed to give out deeper esoteric teachings than HPB,
Judge or Tingley had.

(5) Alice Bailey said she was in contact with Masters K.H. and D.K
and wrote more than 20 volumes of teachings said to be from D.K. She
even gave out further installments of the Stanzas of Dzyan.

(6) Mrs. Francia A. La Due (of the Temple of the People) gave out
messages from the Masters, especially from Hilarion. She also
published more Stanzas from the Book of Dzyan.

(7) Guy Ballard (of the "I Am" Movement) claimed to be in
communication with the Masters, especially St. Germain.

(8) Helena Roerich (of the Agni Yoga Society) published some 13
volumes of communications supposedly from the Master Morya.

(9) Mark Prophet and his wife Elizabeth Clare (of the Church
Universal and Triumphant) claimed to be the emissaries of the Great
White Brotherhood and have channeled thousands of messages from El
Morya, Kut Humi, the Virgin Mary, Hercules, Chastity and a variety
of other Masters and entities.

(10) Earlyne Chaney (of Astara) believed she was in communication
with Kut-Hi-Mi and Zoser and other Masters of the Great White
Brotherhood. She has given out various so-called esoteric and occult

(11) Nada-Yolanda (of Mark-Age, Inc) has channeled numerous messages
from M., K.H., and others Masters associated with UFOs.

(12) George King, Max Heindel, Rudolf Steiner and Geoffrey Hodson
have claimed clairvoyant powers and to be in contact with various
Masters - Rosicrucian, Theosophical, extraterrestrial or otherwise.

(13) Other supposed communications from HPB's Masters have come from
Brother Philip in his book titled Secret of the Andes, from Cyril
Scott in his series of books starting with The Initiate, and from
David Anrias in his book Through the Eyes of the Masters.

And the list goes on . . . .

How many of these individuals were actually in contact with
Blavatsky's Masters?

During H.P. Blavatsky's lifetime, there were a few individuals other than Blavatsky who claimed to be in contact with her Masters.

For example, A.P. Sinnett wrote in his book The Early Days of

"About this time [early July 1884] Mrs. Holloway, a wonderfully
gifted American psychic came to stay with us. . . . .She used to get
vivid clairvoyant visions of the Master, - could pass on messages to
me from K.H. and on one occasion he actually made use of her to
speak to me in the first person." p. 27

But the Master K.H. (in a letter received by Sinnett July 18, 1884) pronounced Sinnett's claim false and untrue:

"You ask me if you can tell Miss Arundale what I told you thro' Mrs.
H[olloway]. . . . . .[But] I have never . . . communicated with you
or any one else thro' her. . . . . She is an excellent but quite
undeveloped clairvoyante. . . . ." The Mahatma Letters, 2nd ed., p.

During this same summer, Master KH wrote to Mrs. Holloway:

"Your vivid creative fancy [imagination] evokes illusive Gurus and
chelas, and puts into their mouths words coined the instant before
in the mint of your mind, unknown to yourself."

"The false appear as real, as the true, and you have no exact method
of detection since you are yet prone to force your communications to
agree with your preconceptions. . . . " Mrs. Holloway and the
Mahatmas, Letter 17

Elsewhere Master KH wrote:

"Vainly do your modern seers and their prophetesses, creep into
every cleft and crevice without outlet or continuity they chance to
see; and still more vainly, when once within do they lift up their
voices and loudly cry: 'Eureka! We have gotten a revelation from the
Lord!' ? for verily have they nothing of the kind. They have
disturbed but bats, less blind their intruders; who, feeling them
flying about, mistake them as often for angels ? as they too have
wings! . . . "
Master Koot Hoomi, The Mahatma Letters, 2nd ed., Letter 48

How many of the claimants listed above who have proclaimed in
effect: "Eureka! We have gotten a revelation or message from the
Masters!" were in reality simply victims of their own "vivid
creative fancy [imagination]" which conjured up "illusive Gurus and
chelas" and attributed to these imaginary Masters "words coined the
instant before in the mint of" their own minds??

Another example of this constructing of imaginary people is as

Stainton Moses (a famous English medium and "seer" of the 1870s and
1880s) wrote to A.P. Sinnett about his own "spirit guide" Imperator:

". . . my inner spirit-sense is opened. Only yesterday . . .
Imper[ator] . . . was clearly visible and audible to me. . . . "

To this comment by Stainton Moses [S.M.], Master Koot Hoomi wrote to

". . . So is Jesus and John the Baptist [clearly visible and
audible] to Edward Maitland; [who is] as true and as honest and
sincere as S.M. . . . And does not E. Maitland see Hermes the first
and second and Elijah, etc."

"Finally does not Mrs. [Anna] Kingsford feel as sure as S.M. with
regard to . . . [Imperator] that she saw and conversed with
God!! . . . And who purer or more truthful than that woman or

"Mystery, mystery will you exclaim. IGNORANCE we answer; the
creation of that we believe in and want to see. . . . " The Mahatma
Letters, 2nd ed., Letter 90.


So a student of Theosophy might ask himself:

Do I believe all of these individuals were actually in contact with
Blavatsky's Masters? And if the answer is no, then how do I
DETERMINE which ones were actually in real contact with her Masters?

Furthermore, how many of these individuals were victims of their own
"vivid creative fancy"? Master K.H.'s words are quite revealing and

"Your vivid creative fancy [imagination] evokes illusive Gurus and
chelas, and puts into their mouths words coined the instant before
in the mint of your mind, unknown to yourself."

Food for thought.



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