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Re: Theos-World Krishnamurti at 114

May 12, 2009 08:19 AM
by Govert Schuller

Dear John,

Yes, sounds like a worthy investigaton. Compare and compare. 

Any congruencies you found which stand out?

My interest in this context would be Advaita as the claim is made that K 'reverted back' to that philosophy when no longer overshadowed. 

At the same time I learn from HPB that there is erroneous exoteric and correct esoteric Advaita and when I apply the few examples she gave I found that Theosophy seems to correspond to the esoteric version and K to the exoteric one. 

This was very helpful in my quest for an esoteric understanding of K.


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  I would rather see people who wanted to locate historical precedent that aligned to his pov philosophy that contain contents there state the simular such as adwaita, dattatreya, prajna paramita hrdhyam. 




  Just my personal pov, here and there in things Krishnamurti says I can relate to when reading things I recall reading in works that long precede he and also Madame Blavatsky. 



  Just realize it's Krishnamurti's birthday today. 

  He saw the light of day 114 years ago. 

  May he rest in peace, and come back to finish the job. 

  Meanwhile I'm sure that a whole new civilization will crystalize around the complex phenomenon that he was. Somewhere I depicted that phenomenon as consisting of a series of concentric rings with in the middle his experience of the sacred, then his charisma, then his teachings (first the videos than the books), his relations and audience, the formal organizations like the foundations and the schools run by his friends, then the communities that will arise around those and, when sufficiently multiplied, their politic interactions, and, when the globalized Judeo-Greco-Christian civilization disintegrates, it might provide the new political and cultural leadership to step in the vacuum as the Catholic Church and the monestaries and local Christian communities did in the West when the Roman Empire crumbled. These rings are thus both spatial, from K's head to the whole globe, as well as temporal, as a sequence of historical and futural occurences. I hope scholars of all kind will warm up to the idea as they can investigate the gestation and growth of a brand new civilization from up close. 


  P.S.: Just in case Krishnamurtianity will be run by fundametalists who feel irritated by Theosophists based on a narrow reading of K's anti-theosophical remarks, I hereby propose the formation of a secret society to help any and all esotericists when the heat of prosecution might become a little much. We might need something like that in a future incarnation. 

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