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Re: Theos-World K the Messiah claims Adyar

May 12, 2009 07:08 AM
by Govert Schuller

True, we have to scrutinze the candidates.

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  Subject: Re: Theos-World K the Messiah claims Adyar

  Dear Govert,
  If you want to study which Presidential candidate will do what if he/she becomes President of the TS, you will have to study what they are doing now and what they are speaking now, what they spoke and what they did, what they did while holding offices like General Secretary etc. 
  John Algeo, Linda Oliviera these of some of the candidates for future presidency. If you want to know what they will do after becoming president, you will have to study web sites under them, content of the magazines they publish, what they speak at different places, what they approve, what their subordinates are asked to do. You need to see what teachings they are promoting now through web sites, magazines and other publications, their speeches, their motives. You need to study what references come in their speeches and writing. If you study these, you will get fair idea of what a person might do after he/she becomes President. 
  People change. A staunch Theosophist can become it's enemy after few years. But members are not in position to predict such drastic changes in Presidential candidates. However they can get fair idea of what a particular candidate will do after becoming President, if he studies that candidate, as I wrote above.
  You have formed some conclusions about what should be called as Theosophy and what teaching should be promoted. May be you should study which candidates are promoting what you call Theosophy.
  Anand Gholap

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  > When Theosophical Society was founded, one main reason for founding was Masters wanted to stop the fall of western world into materialism. So Blavatsky and her successors tried to spread esoteric ideas, spirituality etc.
  > If we study J.Krishnamurti's teaching, he seems to take the world in the direction of materialism. One major theme of Krishnamurti's teaching is 'enjoy in the present'. The effect of this teaching was to promote materialism. Krishnamurti rejected most other spiritual teachings and their main ideas.
  > So we have Theosophical Masters trying to take the world in the direction of spirituality and we have J. Krishnamurti trying to take the world in the direction of materialism. 
  > What conclusions to draw from such opposite actions of two groups, allegedly from the same White Lodge?
  > Best
  > Anand Gholap


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