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Re: Theos-World I'll be back, hahaha

May 11, 2009 05:28 PM
by Augoeides-222


Without matter there is not mind - without mind there is not matter, in both cases there is not time in the absence of one of the two in regards to the Being. BTW I was one who looked at your "Music" link and enjoyed your playing and admired your hand - mind coordination and your instrumental gadgets. But you as all, are possessing freedom and in reality there is neither arrival or departure as we perpetualy remain unity, inspite of appearances. Wish you well, live long and prosper. 

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Subject: Theos-World I'll be back, hahaha 

Dear friends: 
Revised my dominant appearances all over theosophist sites and noticed that didn't in humbleness I have concentrated my experiences in life in 1 single topic, which will take maybe another 50 years to finish, but what is time to our inner Being? Just a myth no more, no less...enjoy: 
< > 

ps. this is my last email to friends that have never answered or even encouraged me. I take them for what they are and accept their ignoring, ridiculing and attacking me: 

First they ignored me, 
Secondly they ridiculed me, 
Third they attacked me, 
and then they lost...... 

Peace with you all... 

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