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Re: Another question for Anand: But WHO decides?

May 11, 2009 04:00 PM
by Anand

--- In, "danielhcaldwell" <danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Anand, you write:
> ----------------------------------------
> That means TS can not say "We have given freedom of thought to all members, if humanity is hurt by members' ideas, we are not responsible". TS is responsible for ideas it spreads in humanity. It does not matter much whether these ideas are chosen democratically or autocratically. What matters most is whether ideas going out of TS are useful to humanity or not.
> ---------------------------------------
> But WHO in the TS is to decide which ideas are "harmful" or "beneficial"?  What person is to decide for the TS what ideas are "useful" or NOT??
> Should all of the TS members allow YOU to determine which "ideas" the TS should promote?
> Or shall it be determined by majority vote???
> Maybe the majority of TS members would vote for promoting Krishnamurti's teachings.  :)
> Or maybe the International President should be the ultimate decider?
> Daniel

In democracy like TS, decisions of even President are influenced by what majority believes. It is because if President's post depends on approval by members. Members' opinions are influenced by leaders and also by some of the influential workers, who are not holding offices. That means what TS does depends on wisdom of elected leaders and actions of members. What TS does depends on character, wisdom, intelligence and spiritual development of it's members and leaders.
No one person decides actions and policies of TS. Decisions are influenced by many officers and members of TS. 
In order to improve quality of decisions, members should make more study of Theosophy, they should develop character, so that they will be able to speak what is right. They should develop courage to support truth and reject falsehood even if it means sacrifices for them in individual life. They should develop spiritually, so that they can understand Theosophy more and possibly get guidance from the Masters.
If I am holding office in TS, I will have to listen to others, it being democracy. But if I am not holding office in TS, then I am autocratic. You know it. I might discuss with all, but still I will take decisions autocratically. 
For me it is important to do what I think is right to do. It is not important for me whether people feel my action is right. Nature will reward my actions depending upon whether they are useful to humanity or not. Nature will not consider so much whether I was always democratic or not.

Anand Gholap

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