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Anand Gholap's Disappointment with John Algeo

May 11, 2009 02:57 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Anand writes:

It is still a question how much John Algeo is devoted to J. Krishnamurti. During Presidential election I had read what John Algeo had published on his web site. I was disappointed! According to the text that time, he considered Theosophy as teachings of Blavatsky and J. Krishnamurti. And names of other writers like Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater and Geoffrey Hodson were absent. Now I find name
of Annie Besant mentioned while other names absent. I also noted the links of web sites which John had given on his web site. Most
links were from the web site of Katinka Hesselink. Katinka's love of J. Krishnamurti's teaching and efforts to promote K's teaching in TS are unmatched as far as online activities are concerned. At the same time John had not given any link of any site that promoted teachings
of Annie Besant, Leadbeater or Hodson. In fact these were the points that disappointed me and that is why I took neutral stand during the election.

But if Dr. Algeo is free as a member of the TS to believe whatever he wants to, then why is Anand disappointed?

Doesn't Algeo have a perfect right and the freedom of thought to consider Theosophy as "teachings of Blavatsky and J. Krishnamurti"?  

Can the TS or Anand force Dr. Algeo to believe something else?

If anything, the TS must and should remain totally neutral in such matters.

And unless I am missing something here, this is John Algeo's own personal website!!  I assume Dr. Algeo can post anything on his own website just as Anand can post anything on his own personal website.

I would suggest to Anand that he should read the TS "Freedom of Thought" statement.


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