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Some Comments on What Anand Has Written

May 11, 2009 02:37 PM
by danielhcaldwell


In one of your latest postings, you write:

"...TS could not stop K's influence because TS gave freedom of thought to all including K...."

But later in the same posting you go on to comment:

"Theosophical Society affects humanity, large number of intelligent people get attracted to Theosophy. If TS officers promote wrong ideas that Theosophy and K's teaching are same, then these influential people get misled. That means TS becomes a source that can mislead people outside TS and that affects world adversely..."

And later again you write:

"In order to bring peace in TS, TS should not promote K's wrong ideas that mislead humanity. Today influence of J. Krishnamurti in TS is at all time high level due to individuals like Katinka Hesselink and others. Even John Algeo is doing the same mistake."

Anand, on the one hand you seem to be saying that each member of the TS is free to believe or disbelieve any idea or teaching or philosophy.

But then you go on to say that Krishnamurti's ideas or teachings are "wrong" therefore the TS should not promote Krishnamurti's teachings.

But who are you to dictate to anyone else  what idea or teaching or philosophy is wrong, misleading or a mistake?

I would think that both Katinka Hesselink and John Algeo are as free as you to believe whatever they choose to believe and to "promote" their respective views.  I assume that they believe that their ideas are "right" and "positive" and maybe even beneficial to humanity.

Now maybe they are right!  

Or maybe you are right!

Or maybe all of you are wrong.  Or....

But I would submit that if the Theosophical Society has no beliefs or philosophy which members must accept when they join other than the ideals embodied in the 3 objects, then every one including Algeo, Hesselink and you are equally free to believe whatever you choose and to promote in various forums including all of your websites whatever ideas the three of you choose.

I should point out here that there are other members of the TS who believe that Leadbeater's ideas are "wrong" and "misleading."  I assume therefore that from some of THEIR perspectives you may be the one who is making the mistake and it is you that is misleading people outside the TS as well as some in the TS.

IF the TS holds no corporate teachings or beliefs and each member has the freedom to believe whatever, then who can say what is true or false, or wrong or right?  Certainly the TS as an organization must remain neutral in such matters.

Maybe I am missing something here.   If I am, Anand, please tell me what it is and explain it clearly and in detail so that all Theos-Talk readers can understanding your reasoning.


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