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Re: Theos-World Intellectual Freedom and Censorship

May 11, 2009 10:26 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear Leon and friends

My views are:

Thank you for your answer.
I have inserted som comments in the below using **** - **** encloing my words.

Leon wrote 11-05-2009:
They only appear to be secret... Since the "blinds" or koans that 
hide them, are meant to test the "sincere and truly intuitive student."

Yes, agreed. Secrets can be "unveiled" or "learned" through the "opening" of or "change" of the Spiritual Heart. That was the whole point. :-)

"Before the soul can stand in the presence of the Master she must have been washed in the blood of the heart." (Light on the Path by Mabel Collins)

Thus, there are no occult secrets that anyone -- with a true desire 
to know, and the discipline, perseverance, perspicacity, and the 
willingness to exert effort to "concentrate the mind for a long 
period of time on any point of inquiry" (as Einstein defined 
"genius") -- cannot reveal for themselves.

How else could Einstein have uncovered the secret of E-mc^2 or the 
quantum (particle wave) nature of light? See:

For example, I know, based on direct experience, that there is no 
occult secret that hasn't been hidden in just such blinds (and other 
hints) by HPB in the Secret Doctrine...

Well yes, all and everything is within everything.


The trick in finding them is to get into HPB's head, and follow her 
instructions to read "in and around the words" of her personally 
(guided by the Masters KH and M) *typographically edited* text of the 
original printing of the SD -- before they were unknowingly or 
knowingly re-edited by later leaders of the T.S.

It must be difficult to get into ones head if one is not small. :-)
Yes, words and letters has vibrations. Even the cover of the book by an initiate
has a great significance. Something some of the weallmeaning Internet 
publishers often forget today when they throw various theosophical 
books online on the Internet.

I feel like the librarian, pictured in the beginning of the book 
named Zanoni, to be somewhat more compassionate even if the readers
would call him an excentric and what not.

Here from Zanoni about the Librarian:
"It is possible that, among my readers, there may be a few not 
unacquainted with an old bookshop, existing some years since in the 
neighbourhood of Covent Garden ; I say a few, for certainly there 
was little enough to attract the many, in those precious volumes 
which the labour of a life had accumulated on the dusty shelves of 
my old friend D . There, were to be found no popular treatises, 
no entertaining romances, no histories, no travels, no " Library for 
the People," no "Amusement for the Million." But there, perhaps, 
throughout all Europe, the curious might discover the most notable 
collection, ever amassed by an enthusiast, of the works of Alchemist, 
Cabalist, and Astrologer. The owner had lavished a fortune in the 
purchase of unsaleable treasures. But old D did not desire to 

sell. It absolutely went to his heart when a customer entered his 
shop ; he watched the movements of the presumptuous intruder with 
a vindictive glare, lie fluttered around him with uneasy vigilance ; he 
frowned, he groaned, when profane hands dislodged his idols from 
their niches. If it were one of the favourite sultanas of his wizard 
harem that attracted you, and the price named were not sufficiently 
enormous, lie would not unfrequently double the sum. Demur, and 
in brisk delight he snatched the venerable charmer from your hands ; 
accede, and he became the picture of despair: - Not unfrequently, 
at the dead of night, would he knock at your door, and entreat you 
to sell him back, at your own terms, what you had so egregiously 
bought at his. A believer himself in his Averroes and Paracelsus, 
he was as loth as the philosophers he studied to communicate to the 
profane the learning he had collected."

Bear with me becoming a bit excentric....
Please... could we not be so decent to add the missing COVER and
extra missing pages to all of the present online H. P. Blavatsky books?
(The Covers was most certainly not created by an ignorant mistake!)
And let us have those books written by H. P. Blavatsky in her latest editions
who have been desecrated by "the notorious deleters" of various sign and words 
from the original books admit that they have been edited and possibly mutilated?

And why not consider others authors books, which suffers from the same fate of
reckless behaviour?

I sometimes really feel like the old shopkeeper mr. D., who regrets
ever having sold the books to those, who are not appreciating them.
I might even come knocking on the door - just - to buy your Homepages. (Smile.)

Proving that these teachers either did not know how to read such 
texts, or, more likely, they surreptitiously intended to change the 
original teachings to conform with their power play to reform the TS 
into a religious organization (guided by their phony self created 
"Masters") which they could control, and thus, manipulate the minds 
of its members.

Yes reading the letter by Dr. Archibald Keightley (and its footnote 72)
will help understanding why some theosophist are drawing such a conclusion.

Let us remember that Annie Besant only learned clairvoyance after HPB died in 1891.
It happened in august 1895 if we are to accept the words from the brother to Archibald, called
Bertram Keightley. And she was as such possibly not really yet a reliable initiate at the time.


Krishnamurti, who apparently could resist the attempted hypnosis by 
CWL (that caught AB) eventually woke up to this fraud, and rightly 
exposed it and the false theosophy promoted by his former sponsors. 
Was that why CWL prevented JK from reading the Secret Doctrine during 
his indoctrination to become the returning "World Teacher" -- who 
would be the "divine King" or messianic "front" for the new religion 
-- with CWL his Bishop (controller)?

One thing, which I am certain of is that J. Krishnamurti rejected
CWL's ritualistic and ceremonial ideas in his Liberal Catholic Church.
J. Krishnamurti often referred to their uselessness.

Their Messiah idea was based on a BELIEF system. And that was and is not theosophical.
The un-polluted theosophical doctrines are based Knowledge about a scientific, religious and philosophical 


J. Krishnamurti rejected their system, but taught another system, omtitting to tell
the Seekers, that the theosophical doctrines about spiritual development, the use of time, dualistic thinking 

etc. etc. are for beginners and that more advanced students might benefit from his teachings - and that
his teachings was limited, because they were only pseudo-versions of the esoteric buddhism and 

Patanjali/adwaita teachings.

Anyone who has carefully studied the SD, recognized the different 
syntax of KH, M and HPB, and exposed all the occult secrets (after 
turning the key seven times),

Well, perhaps, HPB her self only claimed or pretended THEY had turned the keys 3-4 times 
(SD, vol. 2, p. 797)

 can easily see, by subsequently reading 
the works of CWL and AB, how these original teachings were subtly 
changed and distorted to justify a Messianic religion with a 
theosophically blind, faith based following... That the original 
Masters were entirely opposed to.

Judging from all that, it becomes obvious that most of AB's and CWL's 
writings on supposed "theosophical" metaphysics or occultism are 
seriously flawed -- and should be taken with a grain of salt.

"seriously". I am not that harsh, I say only "somewhat" flawed. The "Ancient Wisdom" are useful 
to a great number of readers, if one just omit the dualistic nature of the book.
But, the serious student, who reads physical books, would as i See it do well in reading and comparing
the ancient Upanishads, Buddhist main tenets, Adwaita tenets, Patanjali's doctrine
and the Bhagvad gita, with Besants and CWL's writings - before jumping too much
into wrong and non-theosophical conclusions.

There are other Paths than using physical books.

Since the Masters KH and M (guided by "the Chohan") wrote the Secret 
Doctrine and guided the other writings and direct teachings of HPB -- 
none of them could have changed their teachings when the later 
Christian oriented pseudo theosophists came on the scene after HPB's 
death -- took over the TS, and set up the parallel Arcane Group of 
Alice Bailey, along with other false prophets as buffers, so as to 
capture more Christian followers -- in order to discredit the 
original Theosophical Movement and its teachers... Who unequivocally 
opposed ALL organized religions and personal Gods... And, 
particularly, were against any religious group's interference in or 
control of supposedly democratic government.

Alice A. Bailey and the one she names Master D.K. says in the book "Initiation Human and Solar",
that it was D.K. who dictated a large part of the Secret Doctrine to H. P. Blavatsky.
Yet Master KH and Morya took credit for doing it in 1886 and 1888? as
shown by Mahatma Letters given to the german theosophist Hübbe Schleiden
in germany - and copies given to W. Q. Judge to compare with Schleidens
own originals.

Hübbe Schleiden saw some of the pages by KH materialise before hiw eyes, when
visiting Blavatsky. And others did the same later on.

So. Yes I agree very much.

M. Sufilight

Best Wishes,

Leon Maurer

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