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Re: Theos-World withdrawal of messages

May 10, 2009 09:48 AM
by MKR

Anand, from time to time, has made very valuable contributions to TS and
Theosophy. We are a heterogeneous group with Brotherhood acting as a common
thread. Will have difference of opinions; but I look for the invaluable gems
that show up from time to time and I do not want to miss them.

On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 8:27 AM, ullessis toto abaya <>wrote:

> Please Brother Anand, DON'T withdraw from us. We need you & all your
> wonderfull thoughts and ideas. Just go on, never mind the critics, it's
> normal, it's their rights, too. That's the beauty of our on-line community,
> the levels & the differences are all a part of what I will call the
> "reality" of the present situation.
> Thank you very very much for being there. Sometimes I don't like you & the
> way you 'talked' but trully I admire your courage to say everything you
> wanted to say, & that's a spirit of freedom. Most of all I admire your
> wisdom, and I only hope for you a long life dedicated for 'truth', and
> please share with us all your new-found truth.
> We are all created equal but definitely not the same....
> --- On Fri, 5/8/09, Anand < <>>
> wrote:
> From: Anand < <>>
> Subject: Theos-World withdrawal of messages
> To: <>
> Date: Friday, May 8, 2009, 5:21 AM
> The Freedom of Thought policy of the Theosophical Society, Adyar is stated
> in these words
> "there is no doctrine, no opinion, by whomsoever taught or held, that is in
> any way binding on any member of the Society, none which any member is not
> free to accept or reject. Approval of its three objects is the sole
> condition of membership. No teacher, or writer, from H.P. Blavatsky onwards,
> has any authority to impose his or her teachings or opinions on members."
> It means all members are free to accept or reject any ideas and are free to
> express them, keeping in mind brotherhood, courtesy, consideration and such
> qualities of language.
> Some members of Theosophical Society have communicated to me that some of
> my messages are not appropriate. They described some of my messages as
> baseless, derogatory, malafied and unbrotherly comments passed against
> brother Theosophists such as Radhaji, P. Krishna, HPB, Krishnamurti and
> other discriminative remarks against members of some Sections and the
> Theosophical Society. Their communication shows to me that some of my
> messages have caused pain to some members of TS. I don't have any intention
> to cause such pain or to defame anybody. So I withdraw all messages which
> might fall in the category mentioned above.
> Question might be asked which of my messages are philosophical
> disagreements and which are derogatory comments. So which messages should be
> withdrawn? Instead of involving in such debate, I withdraw all messages,
> fully and unconditionally, whether they fall in above category or not. I
> request the owner of the group to delete all my messages from this
> theos-talk group. I apologize for the pain caused to some members because of
> my messages.
> As messages in online forums are informal, they should not be taken too
> seriously by anybody. These messages are not policy statements published
> officially on which a person would act. I observed messages in many online
> forums. Members write them carelessly, hastily, without editing and careful
> consideration of language.
> Even then, as some of my messages had been painful to some members, and as
> I don't see any need for past messages to remain on the group, I withdraw
> all messages and I request the moderator to delete all of my messages from
> the forum.
> Best regards.
> Anand Gholap
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