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Re: Theos-World A CLEAR AND LOUD PROTEST - Business Networking?

May 08, 2009 06:56 PM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks for your comments and reply. I appreciate your information. Still, the link had the label "The Theosophical Society" and it did not go there as it still seems to me it isn't the Wheaton Homepage. When clicked it remains with slight change in the same design pages. Also Dan has a photo link to his bio there which I clicked and I didn't see there that he was an TSA employee, his being 0nly 26 years old I assumed he had no height in the hierarchy. My views are similar to yours as far as a need for membership, but I diiffer in that what I see is a denfinite subversion of the character tone and nature of Theosophy. I think there is universal sufferage for all type of persons, views, beliefs, and personal prevarications which is the idea of the original 1875 purpose, but turning Theosophy into a new age psychic fair as an organization is plain nuts in my personal view regardles who approves of it or not. My 2 cents. 

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Dan Noga is an employee of TSA and the site is part of TSA and the President 
of TSA has final say on what is going on in the site. You may recall that 
there were complaints about one of the members' posts and when the member 
was suspended from the site, there was intervention by TSA and banning any 
member now has to get the approval of the President of TSA. You may want to 
visit the rules of the site and get first hand info. 
There is noting that prevents TSA getting into any business venture directly 
or indirectly so long as US Tax Laws are complied with. May be the business 
side of the ning may bring in a lot of new members and we are hungry for new 

On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 3:19 PM, < > wrote: 

> Morten, 
> A funny thing happened on the way the the Forum (Zero Mostel aphorism lol). 
> I clicked on the "Theosophical Society" on the page you are protesting about 
> and It didn't go to Wheaton Home Page of the Theosophical Society. Why are 
> you directing your outrage to Dan Noga???? This appears to be a "New Age 
> Group" that possibly is "hijacking" the Theosophical Name. Theosophy never 
> represented any part of itself as "New Age" as in the context of tarot card 
> readers, palm readers, aura readers, psychic readers, clairevoyent readers, 
> dowsers, prophets, new religion(s), old religions, whether for fee or free. 
> It irkes me that some sources are pent upon pinning old superstitous 
> populist dribble on H.P.B. and Theosophy. Oh, I forgot exorcists, cleansing 
> professionals, demonologists, mediums, ghost catchers and chasers and 
> hunters, devil worshippers, devil haters, angeologists, ufologists, 
> reptilian paranoids. Wait!!! There is too much to list that is not or ever 
> will be Theosophy! 
> Regards, 
> John 
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> Subject: Theos-World A CLEAR AND LOUD PROTEST - Business Networking? 
> Dear readers 
> My views are: 
> I was recently notified about the following link and Business Networking. 
> Over at 
> H. P. Blavatsky and others are being used as if she and they was behind 
> profitmaking Businesses. 
> I will have to protest to those of you who read this and tell the persons 
> behind the idea - and manner of promotion, that it is not in accordance with 
> the theosophical teachings I know, H. P. Blavatsky and the founders of TS 
> was behind. 
> Turning the Blavatsky's teachings into something like that was not asked 
> for when she lived. And I bet it is not even today. 
> I have mailed Dan Noga about this. 
> --- 
> I am not and will not promote money-making spiritism at the Masters 
> doorstep. 
> M. Sufilight 
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