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Re: White Lotus Day at Adyar

May 08, 2009 10:21 AM
by Anand

>" I took the books; they were the two volumes of "The Secret Doctrine," written by H.P. Blavatsky. 
> Home I carried my burden, and sat me down to read. As I turned over page after page the interest became absorbing; but how familiar it seemed; how my mind leapt forward to presage the conclusions, how natural it was, how coherent, how subtle, and yet how intelligible. I was dazzled, blinded by the light in which disjointed facts were seen as parts of a mighty whole, and all my puzzles, riddles, problems, seemed to disappear. The effect was partially illusory in one sense, in that they all had to be slowly unravelled later, the brain gradually assimilating that which the swift intuition had grasped as truth. But the light had been seen, and in that flash of illumination I knew that the weary search was over and the very Truth was found."
Dear Pedro,
Nice passages. Annie Besant was brilliant enough to understand major principles of Theosophy in first contact with the Secrete Doctrine. Annie Besant wrote "I knew that the weary search was over and the very Truth was found." I had similar experience when I read books of Besant and Leadbeater. And many people communicated to me that they had great joy and peace after discovering Theosophy. Eureka!
I think this experience comes because Theosophy explains logically and in detail what this world is all about.
Anand Gholap

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