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Re: Theos-World White Lotus Day

May 08, 2009 07:38 AM
by Drpsionic

She was an immense presence and a person of great personal gravity.   And 
no one else in her time would have had the nerve to accomplish what she  did.
Chuck the Heretic
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Today, May 8, the day HPB passed away, is celebrated in lodges world over  
the White Lotus Day.
On this day, HPB and other theosophical workers  are remembered with
gratitude for their work and contribution to Theosophy  & TS. Traditionally,
in the morning, flowers are offered to the photo  of HPB and passages from
Bhagavat Gita, Light of Asia and Voice of Silence  are read.

Katinka has a nice blog at www.theosophical.Katinka has a nice blog at 


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