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Fw: Theos-World education of theosophists

May 08, 2009 00:10 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

lol, I would be so glad to find people here who can read and think. And 
learn a little bit over the deacades. Quite the opposite is true.
Not to read the standard books and making wild claims and self-styled 
doctrines is the only accepted, militant mindset.
The praise of stuidness if not madness.
But perhaps in other countries the situation is better.

In these days it mattern not anymore whether one is an academic or not.
Over the many years of my intensive research (over 20 years) I have met a 
lot of academics of all divisions and did not find that they understand 
theosophy better than a non-academic.

In fact, today, where "whole nations have been hypnotized" (HPB), the 
Universities are no Universities anymore and the schools are no schools.
All Potemkin villages.

One of the major reasons is the conspiracy of Marxism which leads at most 

But the TS was launched to smash Marxism and erect the true socialism.

That marxist academic foes of theosophy claim that theosophy is elitist is 
easy to understand if you understand the marxist nomenclatura, the dialectic 
In short, Diamat or dialectic materialism, allows to swindle and lie and use 
any trick to bring a society to the aim of a socialistic state, the 
preliminary stage for the marxist one world terror state or the Masonic 
world republic. Every other philosophy of life must be fightened at and 
destroyed. Then all men are equal.

So far marxists-Jesuits were not able to infiltrate the whole Theosophical 
Movement and their Diamat allows not that any other system or secret society 
exists which is not under their control (compare the Protols of The Elders 
of Zion), therefore the slander and desinformation as "elitism". In Diamat 
all men are equal stupid, there is no one who could claim that he/she knows 
mroe than others.

So far the ULT was successful to bring Diamat into the TM as they claim that 
there is not one (after HPB and Judge, which they cannot drop complete, but 
at least twist their spirit), who knows more than they.


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From: Katinka Hesselink
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Subject: Theos-World education of theosophists


I'm much puzzled with the assertion that most theosophists world wide 
haven't even finished high school. I'd think that most theosophists HAVE in 
fact finished high school as traditionally the TS is filled with people who 
READ & think. There are even scholarly claims that the TS is a spiritual 
movement for the elite. I don't agree with those, but since nobody 
(including those scholars) has taken to analysing the membership records, I 
think making claims about this is futile.



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