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Re: Fw: Theos-World J Krishnamurti Videos on Youtube

May 07, 2009 10:25 AM
by Anand

Topic related to Truth raises many questions, in the context of Krishnamurti's teaching.
In the Star Bulletin August 1931, Page 7 - J. Krishnamurti says:
" So I have made it prefectly clear that what is generally believed by the
Christian, the Theosophist, the Hindu, the Buddhist to be Truth, has nothing in
common with what I say"

Now, if Krishnamurti's Truth is different from Truth of above mentioned religions, then what is Truth according to him? I have not read anywhere Krishnamurti describing what Truth is according to him.
JK says 'you find Truth yourself'. What are people supposed to find when JK did not say what Truth is according to him? And suppose they find some kind of Truth, how will people know that that is the Truth JK was talking about?

Another thing I find strange about followers of J. Krishnamurti is this. These followers praise Krishnamurti's teaching. Krishnamurti asked people not to follow any teacher, not to read books on religions/spirituality etc, not to join spiritual organizations. According to JK these things corrupt minds of people and they exploit followers. I often find that JK's followers praise Krishnamurti's teaching and then join other spiritual organizations, read books on spirituality, have Gurus and are aspiring for discipleship. 
If followers of JK think that JK's teaching is right, then why do they do exactly opposite of what JK taught? And if they do exactly opposite of what JK taught, then why do they praise JK's teaching?
Take the example of Katinka. She has been promoting JK's teaching for many years. And yet she reads many books, she not only joins organizations, but now inviting suggestions about how to make TS organization better. She aspire for discipleship as mentioned in Theosophy. So, when followers of JK praise his teaching and at the same time do exactly opposite of what JK taught, it makes me wonder. Another thing it suggest me is that these followers still read books on spirituality, join organizations and have Gurus because they are not satisfied with J.Krishnamurti's teaching and what his teaching gives them.
Anand Gholap

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