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2008 GC Meeting Revisited

May 07, 2009 10:05 AM
by MKR

 2008 GC Meeting Revisited

One of the important matters in the agenda of the 2008 GC meeting was the
election of nominated TS members voted on by the GC members. What is
unusual, was the strange pattern of divided GC members shown by the vote
counts. There were also two instances of ties broken by President.

While in the early days of TS, the GC proceedings were transparent, for a
long time, the proceedings have been shrouded in great secrecy and the
members were kept in the dark by the section leaders. Members were not told
of the decisions taken and the reasons thereof. This lack of transparency
is, IMHO, the root cause of much of the problems we have seen since the
start of the election.

Nominations made by the International Presidents are always done with
greatest care. The nominees are always long time dedicated members who
contributed much to TS and persons of very high regard and integrity.

In the light of the above, if there are reasons to oppose a candidate, it
should be on the basis of extreme reasons. When you see a block of GC
members opposing all the nominated candidates, you wonder why. While the
votes are taken behind the closed doors, each GC member who opposed the
candidates, should have the courage to come out and explain to TS members
why they voted the way they did. The leaders sitting on the GC represent the
membership and as such is it unreasonable for the members they represent to
expect their leaders to explain such serious actions. TS is not a secret
organization and the leaders are democratically elected and hence everything
should be transparent.

When you have no information explaining a block of GC members opposing every
nominated candidate, members can only speculate. Did they do it to
demonstrate the power they have after their candidate lost the election?
Also who are the ring leader(s) and what next is coming?

By keeping silent on these fundamental issues, they are not not going to go
away. With Internet help, sooner or later information start trickling out
and such trickling revelations do not to help any leader.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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