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Some thoughts about TSA Summer Gathering

May 06, 2009 04:17 PM
by MKR

Some thoughts about TSA Summer Gathering

I was looking at the program of the TSA Summer Gathering scheduled in July.
While a range of topics are listed, I am amazed not seeing the most
important, IMHO, issues facing TS world-wide today viz. poor membership
recruitment and retention and the current crisis that is continuing after
the international election.

We can talk all about the intellectually stimulating theosophical topics
presented by scholars; but they are not enough to address the above two key
issues affecting the TS. The above two key issues are not going to go away
until and unless some bold steps are quickly taken to find solutions. I feel
the solutions are not going come from the heads of old octogenarians or
septuagenarians, because if that be so, the problems would have been
addressed and resolved by now.

Like the little boy calling the King has no Clothes, it is highly probable
that ordinary members who are far removed from organizational matters and
who have no vested interests may come up with simple solutions to the
complex issues and save the TS.


There is no religion higher than truth

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